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18 today!!!!!!!!

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am 18 today! Many thanks to those who wished me a Happy Birthday, pretty glad that I even had some greetings from across the Causeway, from other countries! Of course, not forgetting my local friends… 😀

My team-mates today surprised me while we were in the project room. They bought a cake for me and celebrated my birthday in the room! Really thanks a lot guys, it has been what? 7 Weeks since we are in BSC? I still remember during the first day we were stoning at each other…. We have come a long way now.

This year as usual, not many gifts, the only gift I received was from my brother, the Revoltech Blade Liger. But it’s the thought that counts. I really appreciate the well wishes! Of course, finally I opened up the Blade Liger!

Looks so damn awesome…..

Hmm? What’s it trying to do?

Wishing me a happy birthday? Why, thank you!

And off he goes….

Maybe not…. Looks cute in this position… The sleeping Liger.

Can’t wait to review this Blade Liger! Too damn awesome to not be reviewed! Hopefully I will get the chance soon….

Btw, my dad won a Aiptec Camcorder in the recent Straits Times lucky draw, so I am able to take decent photos now! But the previous camera seems better……

See you guys around! And thanks again to those who wished me!



Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

HAHAHAHA! Today, I didn’t go anywhere(except for school), but yet! Finally I got some loots!

Looking at the title… You should have guessed by now… HEHEHEHE(I am going nuts.:P)

My RG RX78-2 has finally arrived! Along with the 2 mechanical chain bases 4 and 6, TT Hongli. I know, you guys must be thinking, I was so fed up with the TT Hongli MG Hi-Nu, why did I still order these 2 bases? Well…. Truth is, I had already ordered these ages ago…. And only got it today because of stock problems. Oh well.

And a HGUC Hazel Custom! I always wanted one…. My bro went out with Mena and Zhi Jian today, so while he was at HAG, I asked him to help me get it. I paid for it, SGD 22 if you were wondering… The RG was SGD 38, the bases were SGD 8 each. Till next post!

(If this keeps up… I will probably have more loots posts than reviews, WIP. LOLOL)

HG Astraea WIP 04

Posted: November 5, 2010 in WIP

Yo! Finally, I have an off day as today’s Deepavali, a public holiday! I would like to wish my Hindu readers a happy Deepavali!(If there is any.^^)

Of course, I had to get started on the weapons for Astraea…. Fon is getting impatient. XD

Parts for the GN-Proto Sword. Doesn’t seem very impactful as compared to Exia’s GN Sword, but it’s a prototype afterall…. (more…)