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17 today!

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes, i have just turned 17 today! Thanks to everyone who wished me, although this year no presents, in fact the only one was the Nu gundam from my brother^^ But it is the thoughts that count 😀

Now i would appreciate if everyone of you gave me 10 bucks each, haha! JKJK!
I also received another BIG present from my school. That’s right, i had my POM(principles of management) ICA today! Thanks ALOT, NYP! =.=

Well, i have actually completed the seravee, i will post the pics some time around next week as this week is FULLY packed with assignments and ICAs……..

Well, another year before i can finally watch M18 movies *evil smirks* But that’s another year, god i feel so young! xD


What have i been busy with…

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

HEHEHEHE…. Instead of revising for my ICAs, exams, etc….

I have been very BUSY…

With these!

Chainsaw anyone?^^

Can guess what games are these??^^

I tried to take a screenshot of my resident evil 5, but something cracked up, so well, no screenshots of RE5…
So yea, i have been busy with Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2 and RE5 as well!
I will also try to finish up the Seravee, but these games will take up priority first, haha!

P.S: These games are…. not… so …. original….

This week, i watched 2 movies, 2012 and Evangelion 2.0.

I watched 2012 with my poly friends(Alvin Ke and Jin Neng) on wed. 2012 is about the end of the world. This movie is very nice and epic, you could see the whole world collapsing and only a handful of survivors made it when you compare it with the entire world population. Without giving you any spoilers, i must say this is a must watch movie especially if you enjoyed watching the day after tomorrow in 2004. The effects are similar, just that 2012 has MUCH MUCH MORE devastation.

On friday yesterday, i went to watch Evangelion 2.0 with a sec school friend(Rick). The movie was quite good, battle scenes were violent with Evas being ripped apart, angels also being ripped apart. The movie also took a different path from the main series, with the introduction of a new character, Mari. Eva-01 still went berserk, but in this case, he did not eat the angel as in the tv series and obtained a S2 engine. No. In the movie, Eva-01 became berserk with the green parts turning orange-red(Trans-am?!). Later there was a halo on top of unit-01’s head. I had no idea what was going on… As for the new character… Mari… She did not get much screentime, Asuka also did not get much screentime. We would just have to wait for 3.0…

Before the movie, i had some time to kill. So i went to taka’s bakuc again to see what to buy.
When i reached there, i saw something. I almost went berserk like unit-01 and almost scream:%$#@!
Remember the G-3 and char’s rick dom set i bought last week at HAG for 37 bucks?
They restocked at the taka fair and they were selling for 25 bucks!!!!! WTH..
So, i quickly made my way to the cashier with my purchases before i destroyed the pile of bargain items, lol.

The zaku warrior was SGD9, and bushido ahead was 20.75. I always wanted a bushido ahead and could not find it, so when i saw it, i just grabbed it.
I also helped my younger brother buy Zhang fei and guan yu because they were giving out free 3-D sango backgrounds.
Yup, i would recommend you to watch 2012 and Evangelion 2.0. They are great movies!
I am still in shock over the SGD25 G-3 and char’s dom set….. WTHWTHWTH!

Limited editions

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Limited Editions

Yo! I am back for another posting! Rather than working on new gunplas,(due to lots of ICAs, tomorrow also have==) I took some pics of my limited edition for filler content. I don’t think this limited edition is very common though… Dalong does not even have them! Yes………………

They are none other than………………..

The UBER box set of the 5 Main Gundams from SEED!!! In phase shift down colours!… Ok, not that Uber after all 😛
I got this at the recent September OG sales for only SGD60!!!

I was actually debating on whether to get the MG Sword/Launcher Strike or this, i think i made the right choice, don’t ya think so??

So far, i have only managed to finish Strike and Buster. Well, limited editions can wait, must finish Seravee finish, don’t like to leave kits uncompleted 😛

Well, that’s all for now.
As i am speaking, i am waiting for RE5 to finish downloading!!! Can’t wait to play!
However, my laptop starts to crack up, white lines appeared at the bottom of the screen ==…
NEED HELP! Must call Fujitsu help desk!!! Lol.
Well, until next time!

Bakuc 2009 Pics + LOOT!

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Events

I went to Taka today with my younger brother to see the Bakuc entries and of course, the sales!
Below are the pics of some of this year’s entries, enjoy, pardon the dim pics, the lighting there quite dim.






Check out the damage ^^


00 7 Swords! ^^


Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

RX-78-2 + 0 Gundam??!!

And of course, my loot for today! Also with my brother’s!
The 2 sd and the Keroro are my brother’s. A sd costs SGD11.95, the keroro cost SGD5. The HGUC Nu Gundam is my early birthday present from my brother, thanks Nicholas!, cost SGD30. I got a HG Dom Trooper for SGD10.
The G-3 vs Char’s Rick Dom was bought from HAG at SGD37.

Well, you guys should head down to Taka to check things out, i saw GN Arms with Dynames for SGD80+… ==

HG 1/144 Seravee GNHW/B WIP-1

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yo! I know i said i did not have time to do gunpla for a while, but i found some free time this afternoon!
My oral comm teacher did not give us hw today, coz she wanted us to go prepare for next week’s ICA(in-course-assessment) Presentation. Kinda like tests.

So, instead of writing my speech with i believe most of my friends are doing, i decided to start on the Seravee! xD. What better way to spent a lazy afternoon then to do gunpla! Haha!


Used red gundam marker to color the head jewel thingy and green highlighter for condensers and bazooka covers, the idea came from Ngee Khiong ^^


Painted the Seraphim’s machinegun barrel with pilot marker sliver, it works very good!^^

Argh……….. Put wrong part for the right leg ==
Nvm, remove and put the right one…………


I have to stop here now, have to go do my Microecons tutorial or 2moro sibei jialat(die like hell).

On a side note: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey’s release date has been revealed!;thumb;1&mode=previews
Shit man! I can’t wait for this game! But the eng version releases on March 2010 ==……….

Another side note, Evangelion 2.0 opens today in selected Cathay cinemas! I wonder if anyone go and watch this?

No gunpla updates for a while…

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yo! It’s Marzz again! I have been busy with school work recently, there’s too much work! So, i don’t think i have the time to do any gunpla for the time being… :(……….
Well anyway, i went out with some of my secondary friends yesterday after my lessons.(Daryl, Alvin and Rick) We went to eat buffet at Bugis, and of course………. Before heading to Bugis, we had to pay Hobby Art Gallery a visit!
However…………………….. When we reached HAG, i remembered that HAG closes on Mondays!(Slackers! LOL) Holy S@#$!
We could not get our modelling fix! Fortunately, M workshop was open! So we decided we might as well go in for a look! When we stepped into the shop, lo and behold………………….

There were 2 HGUC Kampfers in the shop! I have been hunting high and low for it! So i went ahead and bought this for SGD$31.90.

I also bought this! 😀


A diamond file! My own hobby file was damn rusty and could not be used…….. Oh well.

I really appreciate the time spent with my friends, who knows when will be the next time we get to go to HAG together again?? Anyway, i too hope i have enough time to start building some of my unbuilt kits, the list of unbuilt kits is really piling up! LOL!

Your opinion

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Guys! I want to seek your opinions! I have been thinking about getting a HG 00 Raiser with GN Sword III. I am also thinking of getting a MG Aile Strike with the bazooka thingy. What do you guys think? I am also thinking of getting the MG V Gundam when it comes out. Around same price as Aile Strike so should be like around SGD 60+.
What do you guys think?

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Game Reviews

Yes… You did not read the title wrongly. This is Final Fantasy X, released in 2001!

The reason i am doing a review on this is because during my recent holidays, i replayed this game and still is one of my favourite games! In my opinion, i think FFX is the BEST Final Fantasy ever! I actually first played FFX god knows how many years ago…

Lets get to the game itself!

This game takes place in an alternate universe known as Spira.

You play as Tidus, a blitzball ace in his homeland. He is participating in a match with his team when his home, Zanarkand, was attacked by Sin, and transporting Tidus 1000 years into the future with Zanarkand being just ruins.

This is the sin i am talking about^^

Without giving you too much spoilers, I would like to state that the story of FFX is one of the most engrossing storyline i have ever seen in a RPG. I literally could not put down my controller because each scene will leave you wanting for more.

The graphics are very good, considering that this was a 2001 game and also can be said to have the best graphics of its time! Hell, the graphics can also surpass some of the other recent PS2 games!

Let’s talk about the battle system. The battle system is my favourite among the other FF series.

As everyone knows, FF is played by turn-by-turn. What is great about this battle system then, you may ask.
Isn’t this just regular turn-by-turn? No, on top of being turn-by-turn, FFX has an additional feature. It is the window that displays the turns. Every decision you make in battle can help increase your turns in battle or decrease the turns. From the window, you can see when the enemy’s turn is coming up next so you can plan your strategy accordingly.

When you are not in battle, you will take control of Tidus and explore around like any other RPGs.

Another great feature in FFX is the Sphere grid system. This allows you to customize your characters more freely, instead of just having fixed set of skills. For instance, you can upgrade your physical attacker into a spell caster. Instead of getting EXP from battles, you get Ap(ability points). This allows you to gain sphere levels to proceed onto the sphere grid to upgrade your character.

In summary, every FF series has a great storyline behind it. I think this serves as a great addition into the FF series. Not like *cough* FF12 *cough*. I definitely think this is a must play for any RPG and FF fan, even though this is an old game. But i assure you, you definitely will not be disappointed with this game.

Until next time!

Gundam Unicorn Trailer

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Woohoo! Can’t wait for this to be released either! The other one being the 00movie! Wanted to share this with you guys!