Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

HAHAHAHA! Today, I didn’t go anywhere(except for school), but yet! Finally I got some loots!

Looking at the title… You should have guessed by now… HEHEHEHE(I am going nuts.:P)

My RG RX78-2 has finally arrived! Along with the 2 mechanical chain bases 4 and 6, TT Hongli. I know, you guys must be thinking, I was so fed up with the TT Hongli MG Hi-Nu, why did I still order these 2 bases? Well…. Truth is, I had already ordered these ages ago…. And only got it today because of stock problems. Oh well.

And a HGUC Hazel Custom! I always wanted one…. My bro went out with Mena and Zhi Jian today, so while he was at HAG, I asked him to help me get it. I paid for it, SGD 22 if you were wondering… The RG was SGD 38, the bases were SGD 8 each. Till next post!

(If this keeps up… I will probably have more loots posts than reviews, WIP. LOLOL)

  1. Zhi Jian says:

    Cool loot! I only get HGUC Guncannon mass production and 2 spray cans today^_^

  2. bd77 says:

    Oho, the RG Gundam RX-78. Challenging to build. =D

    As for the chain-base… “machine nest” Lolwhut?

  3. rockleelotus says:

    haha real stuff. your loots are rolling in too fast there ^^ going to get RG char zaku also?

    do be careful of the knee joint with the RG.

  4. evolution says:

    LOL “Machine Nest”! Didn’t know Kotobukiya’s stuff have knockoffs also. I have the Hazel Custom; it’s an awesome kit. I think it was the first HGUC to have double-jointed elbows.

  5. divinelight says:

    at last, well RG is a MUST!!! =p

    Machine Nest, got one at home, from TT right

  6. Aya says:

    Nice loot.

    I never posting LOOT before >w< don't know why hahahaha

  7. h4mster says:

    Great stuff you got there! and don’t worry about having more loot post than WIP, it’s always fun to see someone else’s loots ^^ so just stock it up man 😀

  8. zoidiect says:

    hahaha backlogs growing up XD

    ah~ you got your RG

    (uh wait wtf, i am bad in keeping my words~)

  9. multiseven says:

    whoaaaaaa…. the Real Grade!!! i’m waiting for the WIP, bro ^_^

  10. mangyver5223 says:

    REMINDER! Beware for RG’s palm since it was easily pops up

  11. TwilightReap says:

    Looks like everyone getting RG~ Cept’ me~ 😦

  12. rubyvijudai says:

    I guess it will be a long time for bandai to reach other era.

  13. John says:

    wow no posts for a long time….

  14. Mikee says:

    0.o HAZEL!!! BUILD THAT THING!!! SOON!!! *Jealousy rising*

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