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It has been a LONG time since I did any review on any models, guess I have become lazy? ^^

Anyway, since I had some free time today, I decided to do a review on the Vincent, since I noticed it isn’t that common.

In any case, if this guy wasn’t on sale, I wouldn’t even buy it! Code geass models are way too expensive….

Anyways, this is the Vincent commander type piloted by Guiford(Or was it Gilford?) The Vincent is based on the design of the Lancelot, piloted by Suzaku in both seasons 1 and 2. The Vincent first appeared in season 2, as Rolo’s personal Knightmare Frame. It was later mass produced.(Or was it already mass produced?) Actually I was looking forward to getting Rolo’s version, but since the Vincent Commander type was the ONLY Code Geass kit on sale, why not?