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Destroyer of worlds, DECADE!

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized


Today….. I passed by City Hall….. And remembered there’s a shop called Robo Robo at the Excelsior shopping center… Zhi Jian told me about it this morning…..

I wanted to purchase SH Figuarts Black RX….. But when I got there, it was sold out!!! T_T

I got this instead:

I got this for SGD 45…. Bit expensive, but what to do? Already out of production i believe….. I also saw 2 other Figuarts I wanted…. Heatmetal and Fangjoker! BUT…… Heatmetal was going for SGD 60 and Fangjoker going for SGD 50….. The prices are TOO steep if you ask me…. I will wait for the DEC re-issue of the Fangjoker…. As for Heatmetal, I will PRAY for Bandai to re-issue….. Haha….


Finally! After 2 weeks….. When I got home today, this was sitting on the table in the living room…..

A package from Hobby Search! My Faiz…..

My first time ordering… Is there a need for such a big box for my small package? Maybe to protect them maybe….

Faiz and Den-O! Den-O’s my brother’s. I have one question….. How do they calculate the shipping? Do they take the price of one shipping and charge that shipping price for both? Both just cost a total of SGD 28, or rather, SGD 28 was deducted from  my paypal account… Meaning each cost SGD 14. That’s even cheaper than if I were to get it in Singapore!

Also…. Something I got from Plaza Singapura today…..

My very first SH Figuarts! Kamen Rider Accel! I have to admit, when I watched Double, and this guy appeared, I thought the overall design was ridiculous. And he even is able to transform into a bike??!!! But the SH Figuarts rendition won me over….. The overall look of this figurine is amazing, I now see Accel in a different light….

On a side note, does anyone know where can I watch the final episode of Kamen Rider W? The sub is supposed to be out today, but I searched youtube, no results. Hell, I think Youtube is bent on clearing licensed stuff…. Even past episodes of W are missing…..

Tamashii Stage Act 4 get!

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Now, many of you may be wondering, why the heck did I even get the stage act stands when I do not even have many figurines? Haha, this is called an “investment”. With my sudden and recent re-addiction to Kamen Rider, I have been poisoned by the SH Figuarts line of Kamen Rider Figurines…..

I have already spotted some SH Figuarts on my to-buy-list…. Fangjoker! Nazca Dopant! Faiz!

And maybe many more in the future….. For the main time being, I think I have enough unbuilt Gunpla kits to keep me going…… As a friend of mine said: “Gunpla will always be there, but figurines aren’t.” Looks like I have to eat my words about being a Mecha collecter… Haha, Moemoekyun aka statswiz, I am eating my words now!

Some pics I took…..


What a TT Hongful LOOT!

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Right, before I even begin, let me state that although I purchased a bootleg, I DO NOT support bootlegs. Always support originals, Bandai. But of course, I do support pirated games… xD

Well enough about that. I ordered a MG Hi-Nu for SGD 38 from a seller at the local SGClub forum and went over to pick it up today. Did I mention that it is TT Hongli? Bootleg?


What I have been up to…

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Yo everyone! Been about a week since I have last posted anything huh?

This is a pretty busy period for me, as exams start next Monday!!! The HORROR!!!!

But of course, I managed to find a little time to put together my HGUC Zaku II F2. 😀

I didn’t take any WIP pics because I didn’t do anything extra other than panel lining and the usual of gold painting of the thrusters. The target sensor for the Zaku machinegun painted with green. I will do a review of it when I have the time, after my exams maybe.

Also, other than just revising, I have been spending the past few days rewatching 555. I just finished watching it this afternoon and I must say, it is still a great series.

On a side note, Gundam Fiesta 2010 starts next week! Although I have signed up as a promoter, they did not hire me as I could only work from 9th September onwards….. They didn’t call me at all…. T_T

But screw it! Even if I am not hired, I will still make my way down to the event.

Those in Singapore would be heading over there I believe?^^

PokePla – Typhlosion Set Review

Posted: August 15, 2010 in PokePla

Today I will be doing a review on a Pokepla set, something I don’t see being reviewed commonly….. Anyways! You guys must be wondering when did I get hold of this? Actually, I went to the “warehouse sales” at Funan Digital Mall today and came back with this, costing SGD 9, and Hiling Care’s Garazzo for SGD 10. But screw the Garazzo, this is more important.^^

Now see why it is labeled as a “set”?


Amazing Lego V2 Gundam….

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Check this one out guys:

Amazing isn’t it? You can’t even tell it is made from Lego!

And so, today I checked Hobby Search and saw a deal I could not resist! So I ordered something from them!


This is so damn poisonous.

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So as usual, checked Ngee Khiong’s blog for updates and information.

And Kaiyodo came up with something. Which of course, caught my eye.

OMG! Revoltech Eva Box SET!!!!

Holy crap. What am I supposed to do now??!!! Total price = 8500 yen which translates to about SGD 135. Damn….

*stabs hand*

Images from Ngee Khiong.

Finally I had some free time today, so I did a review on the Wild Chalice.

I bought this figure for SGD 18, quite a good price to me. Actually, I was hunting for SIC Faiz, Blade or Ryuki, but they didn’t have them! The only SIC Kiwami Tamashii there left was the Wild Chalice, and there were a lot of them left. Why, I wonder? No one fancy a Wild Chalice?

The box. Of course I had already ripped open the wires constricting the figure prior to this review.^^