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Hello guys! As you all know, I have been feeling burnt out from gunpla….

So I decided to revive my passion for gunplas by doing a simple snapfit!!!!

I took my time on this kit:

Just a regular snapfit. Really brings back the memories when I was just starting out. I only used scissors and nail clippers back then. I didn’t bother about the nubs, didn’t know much back then…

And talking about this kit… The arms articulation are great! The articulation can be even on par with modern HGs. And the details! Delicious details…. I will do up the detailing when I have the time in the future.

So, did I manage to re-ignite my passion? HELL YES! I am already looking forward to the next kit. But of course, I have to find time…. And I am starting my final year next week…. T_T


HG Astraea WIP 04

Posted: November 5, 2010 in WIP

Yo! Finally, I have an off day as today’s Deepavali, a public holiday! I would like to wish my Hindu readers a happy Deepavali!(If there is any.^^)

Of course, I had to get started on the weapons for Astraea…. Fon is getting impatient. XD

Parts for the GN-Proto Sword. Doesn’t seem very impactful as compared to Exia’s GN Sword, but it’s a prototype afterall…. (more…)

HG 1/144 Astraea WIP 03

Posted: October 11, 2010 in WIP

Day 3 of the Astraea… As planned, did the legs for today. This was done earlier this noon, before meeting up with a friend, Eugene, or Xen. You can read his blog here. He wanted to buy the SHF Kabuto from an ebay seller, yes, the one whom I bought from. Apparently he has multiple….. But last minute he had an urgent meeting, so couldn’t meet us. Oh well….

Let’s get back to the main topic!

Parts for one of the leg and feets.


HG 1/144 Astraea Type-F WIP 02

Posted: October 10, 2010 in WIP

Continuing on with this kit, I did the waist section for today.

Just a short WIP for today.


HG 1/144 Astraea Type-F WIP 01

Posted: October 8, 2010 in WIP

As I can’t find any facemask at home, I am unable to spray the bootleg Hi-nu Blue parts. So I decided to leave it aside till I get me some facemask! What better way to pass the time than to start on another kit!

First work to be done, the GN Condenser. (I think the Astraea type-F uses GN condenser right? Someone correct me if I am wrong.) Btw, my camera is really screwed up. So I will be using my crappy Handphone camera to take photos until I get the camera fixed or a replacement… Bear with me guys! 😛


MG 1/100 Hi-Nu WIP 02 (TT HONGLI)

Posted: September 21, 2010 in WIP

Day 2 of the bootleg….. Wanted to spray, but the skies were looking dark throughout the whole day. So ended up not spraying, but I decided to do some panel lines and to build the waist. There were still some troubles putting the piece together, but luckily, it wasn’t as frustrating as the upper body yesterday.

Separated the fingers. The fingers are F^&*ing loose.

The arms aren’t completed as the blue parts are still awaiting spray painting… This pic is to show you guys the inner frame in the arm, and the other with armor on.

Phew…… I am mentally wasted…. It takes alot of willpower to build a bootleg… I think I have to take a break from the Hi-nu for now… 2 days in a row is really mentally challenging. LOL. I am not joking.

MG 1/100 Hi-Nu WIP 01 (TT HONGLI)

Posted: September 20, 2010 in WIP

Finally… I got started on this FAKE monster…. I know you guys have been waiting for this right?

Anyways…. I cut out all the blue parts…. As I have something planned for them…

A whole load of blue parts!

Readying to be sprayed a darker shade of blue. Couldn’t spray today as it rained earlier…

And there’s still loads of them left! I counted 30 parts here. T_T

So, I decided to start on the head! It looks kinda crappy….

I decided to leave the blue parts on the upper body in its original colors to show you guys the difference…

I had a lot of complaints on this kit… It IS a BOTTLEG after all… It was a torture trying to put the damn thing together…. Whew…. Tired…

HG 1/144 Cherudim GNHW/R WIP 02

Posted: September 16, 2010 in WIP

Sanding MADNESS starts!

Remember when I mentioned that using the metallic green to fill the nubs wasn’t a good idea?

Today I started to sand the damn paint and nubs off…

Horrible….. And then I met with a setback later on… Read on to find out more…


HG Cherudim GNHW/R WIP 01

Posted: September 14, 2010 in WIP

Time to start gunpla-ing! Like I said, I would start on the Cherudim….

Let’s start on the head!

Parts for the head, as usual, cutting off excess plastic from the V fin and the yellow thingy. While I was filing the yellow thing, the thing snapped! Too much force I reckon….. BUT! Tamiya cement to the rescue!!


HGUC 1/144 Kampfer WIP

Posted: July 3, 2010 in WIP

Suddenly felt like building, and I was in the painting mood…. So I decided to do the Kampfer……… Which has been lying unbuilt in my cupboard for close to a year!!!! (Although now my Rollout Exia 1/100 now overtakes the Kampfer as the one longest unbuilt. Since I bought them both around the same time…) And gods, this kit has LOADS of thrusters that needed to be painted in yellow. And painting yellow on a dark surface….. really is tough. The results aren’t that good, but I am satisfied with it. For now.^^

Mixed the yellow paint.