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Gundam Fiesta Final Day

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Events

Today’s the last day of Gundam Fiesta….. So I dropped by with my brother to check things out….

What caught my attention first was the localized Merlion Gundam everyone was talking about.

Complete with water flowing out.^^ Along with some Acguys and a lone Z’Gok.



Gundam Fiesta 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Events

Whew, just came back from Compasspoint right after my last paper today….. Although I told myself not to buy anything….. I ended up buying something…. You were right, Chubbs!!! But it isn’t Gundam related….. But the same brand as some Gundams…. What the heck am I talking here? You will see…..

First, let’s begin with a FAIL pic…… It isn’t clear coz I was using my handphone to take the pics…. BUT! You can see that it is a Kyrios Gundam, but they put a caption of Arios Gundam…. LOL!


Well, I may be late in posting on this event, but I still went down there today and snapped quite a few pics! With my shitty handphone camera…… Pardon the quality…. If you would like to see some better quality pics, you could check them out over at Leon‘s blog and Chubbybots‘.

Well, it was a last minute decision to go down there after my project discussion at school in the morning. After the project discussion, a friend called me up to go to lan. As I had some time before meeting up with him, I decided to kill some time by going down to the event at Takashimaya.^^

Let’s start the ball rolling with my favourite entry! This is one mean looking Sinanju by Toymaker! FWS(Full weapon system) It seems it has four wing binders instead of two.


Bakuc 2009 Pics + LOOT!

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Events

I went to Taka today with my younger brother to see the Bakuc entries and of course, the sales!
Below are the pics of some of this year’s entries, enjoy, pardon the dim pics, the lighting there quite dim.






Check out the damage ^^


00 7 Swords! ^^


Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

RX-78-2 + 0 Gundam??!!

And of course, my loot for today! Also with my brother’s!
The 2 sd and the Keroro are my brother’s. A sd costs SGD11.95, the keroro cost SGD5. The HGUC Nu Gundam is my early birthday present from my brother, thanks Nicholas!, cost SGD30. I got a HG Dom Trooper for SGD10.
The G-3 vs Char’s Rick Dom was bought from HAG at SGD37.

Well, you guys should head down to Taka to check things out, i saw GN Arms with Dynames for SGD80+… ==