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Hey guys! As requested by Aya in my previous post, I am gonna show you the current status of my backlog!



MG Char’s Zaku Ver 2.0

MG Strike + IWSP

MG Red Frame Kai

NG Exia

HGUC Nu Gundam


HG 00 Qan[T]

RG RX-78-2

I didn’t take a pic of the RG, but well, I am listing it anyways.

Well, that’s all my backlogs. I hope there’s time to finish them all….


Hello guys! As you all know, I have been feeling burnt out from gunpla….

So I decided to revive my passion for gunplas by doing a simple snapfit!!!!

I took my time on this kit:

Just a regular snapfit. Really brings back the memories when I was just starting out. I only used scissors and nail clippers back then. I didn’t bother about the nubs, didn’t know much back then…

And talking about this kit… The arms articulation are great! The articulation can be even on par with modern HGs. And the details! Delicious details…. I will do up the detailing when I have the time in the future.

So, did I manage to re-ignite my passion? HELL YES! I am already looking forward to the next kit. But of course, I have to find time…. And I am starting my final year next week…. T_T

Change of theme

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys! I did a change in theme because I was feeling that the one old was a little dull… I am using the same theme as m brother’s blog.
Also, I included in my twitter account!

Back to slacking…..