HG Astraea WIP 04

Posted: November 5, 2010 in WIP

Yo! Finally, I have an off day as today’s Deepavali, a public holiday! I would like to wish my Hindu readers a happy Deepavali!(If there is any.^^)

Of course, I had to get started on the weapons for Astraea…. Fon is getting impatient. XD

Parts for the GN-Proto Sword. Doesn’t seem very impactful as compared to Exia’s GN Sword, but it’s a prototype afterall….

Of course, one weapon is not enough… on to the next… And counting….

Beam Rifle. The green was painted using the “toothpick method”.

Here too.

The 4 holes/thrusters. And of course, targeting sensors for the other weapons. I didn’t show everything coz I didn’t want to bore you guys to death. LOL

Astraea fully loaded!

Fon: This…. I like…

Astraea with the GN Sword from Exia. This is the only weapon I built from Exia, stockpile, because I was feeling tired already. (Or lazy? LOL)

Well with that, I am done with the Astraea! I don’t think I will start on anything anytime soon…. Since it is hard to find free time…

In any case, Takashimaya Christmas sales start next Thurs, 11 NOV! Anyone heading down there? I am meeting Deadpool at around 6pm, if anyone wanna join us to meetup, drop me a message, shout it out loud here! See ya!


  1. zoidiect says:

    finally you finished it 😀

  2. bd77 says:

    Heavily armed and ready. Now, biggest question:
    Is the enemy ready?


  3. Andrew says:

    Looking forward to the review!

  4. Zhi Jian says:

    A flat coat will be nice..It will protect the paint^^

  5. rockleelotus says:

    hurray for days off! nice job on filling in the details ^^ he is packing a lot of fire power!

  6. multiseven says:

    The thrusters looks great! the green color is also vivid, nice!

  7. chubbybots says:

    haha i’ll try very hard not to go down for the sale 😛 Need to save up some cash ^^

  8. rubyvijudai says:

    Dam Astraea look sweet with all his weapon,but seem a bit overkill for me XD

  9. John says:

    do you that takashimaya has good deals or kits at cheaper cost ? if so i might wanna popup there to take a look

  10. h4mster says:

    That is a lot of weaponry…
    glad that you finally found time to build again 😀

  11. Aya says:

    Finally you finish it 🙂

    I wonder how much sale they give ??

    • Marzz says:

      If it is similar to last year, quite alot of sales i think. Eg: I bought the HG Dom Trooper for SGD 10, HG Zaku Warrior for SGD 9, HGUC RE-GZ and Nu for SGD 30 each, and many more…..

  12. Marzz says:

    @ Zhi Jian: No problem, I just wait and see if Kovan’s Hobby Point will have stock. No need so troublesome.

  13. LEon says:

    I personally have not try the tooth pick method for painting. Maybe I will try it out soon. 🙂

  14. Marzz says:

    @John: Ends on 26 Dec I think…

  15. heathorn says:

    Long weekend has passed……uuuhhh…..
    actually I prefer astraea’s sword. It looks more deadly.

  16. divinelight says:

    even 7swords is overweapon for me, I guess I’m into full-armor than full-weapon type.

  17. Zhi Jian says:

    If don’t have you just tell me bah.

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