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Hey guys! And so…. As everyone should have known by now, they are announcing an all new, “kid-friendly” Gundam series called the Gundam Age!

And sorry for the lack of updates… Been so busy with schoolwork….

But! I have to do a short post on my thoughts on this new series as Sunrise already said, “A new stepping stone for Gundam.” Or something similar to that…

First up, the characters….

You have got to be kidding me…… Young kids as main characters? Definitely gonna be “kid-friendly”…. Although the last time they had a kid protagonist, people died. Lots of people died. (Gundam Victory) But, as Sunrise has already said… This is “kid-friendly”. Well, we can always hope right? 😛

Next! The MS and gadgets:

Seriously…. WHUT? Maybe my views towards the Gundam Age-1 will change after watching the anime…

WHUT? A digivice-like device? And they said the Gundam Age-1 gains experience with every battle? This isn’t some RPG game we are talking about right….

Model kits:

As we all know by now, we will see 2 new Grades entering the market. We have the AG(advanced grades) and GB(Gage-ing Builders). All of these new Grades will come with “gage-ing chips” inside the kits, that enable builders to scan their models when playing some arcade game.(GPB anyone???)

AG will be kinda like the FGs from the 00 series, and the GB will be in 1/100 scale, but GB are more like figurines, like the RD line?

Of course, we will still get HGs, MGs, and even the Mega Size!

To tell you the truth, I am actually more looking forward to see the model kits of the UE than the MS themselves. Oh come on, the aliens look cool….

Let’s wait and see…. The anime will start showing in OCT 2011.

And here’s the PV if anyone hasn’t seen it yet:

All images were taken from : Gundam Guy