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SHF OOO Tatoba Combo Review

Posted: March 31, 2011 in SH Figuarts

Heh, finally having a 3 weeks break now, so hopefully I will have more time for this blog and more gunplas. Hehe…

But anyways, as promised, here’s another long overdue post on OOO. More long over due reviews coming in soon… 😛

First release Batch also came along with UNKH’s hand and a display stand. One of the main reasons I wanted to get this guy anyways haha…



Another long overdue review. XD Actually, I have a couple more gunpla kits that haven’t been reviewed as well…. I will get to them when I have the time….

Decade with all his accessories and box.


SH Figuarts Accel Review

Posted: September 12, 2010 in SH Figuarts

Just got back from Malacca last night and here I am already doing a review on the Accel. ^^

Well, reason being I want to get the reviews out of my way, and to continue building gunplas. My apologies for those who are looking forward to see the bootleg Hi-nu, but I want to start on my HG Cherudim with rifle bits first. Already got plans for it.^^

Anyways, let’s get to the review…. Terui isn’t happy with that incident with Decade….. 😀