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MUAHAHA! My laptop is back in working condition! As it was still under warranty, I did not have to pay a single cent. So, it is back to regular business here! Maybe…. Not. My exams are coming round the corner in about 4 weeks time! Damn!

But let’s get to the main focus of today’s post…..

A classic GP01 kit! This was actually given to me by my neighblur who was moving house last week. He somehow found it lying in his home.

And this is all that my brother managed to salvage from it.

Unfortunately, due to many missing parts, it is unable to transform to its FB mode.

And sometime last week, I got myself a SIC Wild Chalice! This is the tamashii version, the smaller one. I paid SGD 18 for it.^^ I will be also put up a review of it….. When I have the time…

I also caught wind of a new plamo line by Bandai. They are launching a Omegamon (Omnimon) kit in winter in Japan right? Anyone knows when is winter in Japan? Can’t wait for this kit! Hopefully they will release a Wargreymon kit!


Laptop out of commission

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Right, these past few days I have been inactive, not replying to most comments and new posts by others. Reason being?

My laptop is currently facing a screen problem…. And, today when I switched on my laptop, it’s back to normal??? But it still has some minor problems….. Well, gotta wait for the technician to replace the screen for me, said that the screens are out of stock…. Soon, it will be fully repaired!


Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh my, this must be my most amount spent in one single loot! Total = SGD 193!

I bought the second hand PSP from a guy in the SGclub forum forĀ  SGD 140. The MG Char Zaku ver 2.o was an item I actually ordered from Bryan last year December, but I only got it now due to his supplier problems. No complaints though.^^

I am so damn broke now…..

Planning to get a PSP

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been looking for a console to replace my STOLEN DS, and I have decided not to buy another DS. After all, the New 3DS will be released next year! So I decided to hunt for a PSP. However, I could only find PSP 3000 on the market nowadays and god, they are expensive! So I turned to the forums over at SGclub to hunt for a second hand PSP FAT.

I found a guy who is willing to his to me for SGD 140. He throws in a 4GB memory card, USB cable, charger, screen protecter and a UMD. I am meeting the dude this Saturday to carry out the deal.^^ What do you guys think?

HGUC 1/144 Kampfer WIP

Posted: July 3, 2010 in WIP

Suddenly felt like building, and I was in the painting mood…. So I decided to do the Kampfer……… Which has been lying unbuilt in my cupboard for close to a year!!!! (Although now my Rollout Exia 1/100 now overtakes the Kampfer as the one longest unbuilt. Since I bought them both around the same time…) And gods, this kit has LOADS of thrusters that needed to be painted in yellow. And painting yellow on a dark surface….. really is tough. The results aren’t that good, but I am satisfied with it. For now.^^

Mixed the yellow paint.