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Posted: November 19, 2009 in Limited Editions

Yo! I am back for another posting! Rather than working on new gunplas,(due to lots of ICAs, tomorrow also have==) I took some pics of my limited edition for filler content. I don’t think this limited edition is very common though… Dalong does not even have them! Yes………………

They are none other than………………..

The UBER box set of the 5 Main Gundams from SEED!!! In phase shift down colours!… Ok, not that Uber after all 😛
I got this at the recent September OG sales for only SGD60!!!

I was actually debating on whether to get the MG Sword/Launcher Strike or this, i think i made the right choice, don’t ya think so??

So far, i have only managed to finish Strike and Buster. Well, limited editions can wait, must finish Seravee finish, don’t like to leave kits uncompleted 😛

Well, that’s all for now.
As i am speaking, i am waiting for RE5 to finish downloading!!! Can’t wait to play!
However, my laptop starts to crack up, white lines appeared at the bottom of the screen ==…
NEED HELP! Must call Fujitsu help desk!!! Lol.
Well, until next time!