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It has been a LONG time since I did any review on any models, guess I have become lazy? ^^

Anyway, since I had some free time today, I decided to do a review on the Vincent, since I noticed it isn’t that common.

In any case, if this guy wasn’t on sale, I wouldn’t even buy it! Code geass models are way too expensive….

Anyways, this is the Vincent commander type piloted by Guiford(Or was it Gilford?) The Vincent is based on the design of the Lancelot, piloted by Suzaku in both seasons 1 and 2. The Vincent first appeared in season 2, as Rolo’s personal Knightmare Frame. It was later mass produced.(Or was it already mass produced?) Actually I was looking forward to getting Rolo’s version, but since the Vincent Commander type was the ONLY Code Geass kit on sale, why not?



Break…. Over…..

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys, just wanted to update my backlog status.^^

I have actually completed my HGUC Unicorn Destroy Mode, and also a Vincent command type from Code Geass series. Yes, a Vincent! I actually spotted this guy when over at the Toys “R” Us sales the first time I went there, it was going for SGD 15, but at that time….. I didn’t buy it >_<

However, Zhi Jian bought it and was having second thoughts after buying the Vincent from there, so I bought it from him at the same price of 15 bucks! 😀

And…. Yea, my 2 weeks break end today and school starts tomorrow…. ==

The reason I didn’t take any WIP pictures was because the camera’s battery was acting up again…. And also, I have been busy playing another round of Persona 4 which I completed once last year. I completed it a second time just earlier this noon.^^

And……. I don’t feel “rested” enough….. The break should be LONGER!!!!

It seems that I didn’t get in much progress of my gunpla backlog this break, it only increased! orz….. But luckily, not that much increase.^^

Was actually gonna post about my loots today….. But…….. No mood.

BECAUSE MY DS WAS LOST!!!! OR STOLEN!!!!!!!!! DAMN THE GUY WHO STOLE IT!!!!!!!!! Even though I said I lost it, I HIGHLY suspect it was stolen….. I curse the guy who stole it!!!! CURSE HIM TO GET BANGED BY A CAR WHILE CROSSING THE ROAD, CHOKING ON TOFU(Who could choke on tofu anyway?), LIGHTNING STRIKES……. BEST HE BETTER SUFFER FOR 10 YEARS++++++ AFTER ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS FINALLY DYING.

MY poor DS…… We have only been together for 2 years +………… Why do you leave me now???
Not gonna buy another DS, as the new 3DS releasing soon.

F&*@ THAT ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

A moment of silence for my dear DS……

SMT: Persona 3 (PS2) Review

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Game Reviews

If you are looking for a great RPG game that can suck up your time, look no further than Persona 3. I just completed this game earlier this noon, and now I am writing about how I feel about this game. For starters, I will have you know that this is my longest time spent on a game on the PS2!!!! I clocked up about 70++ hours on my firstrun through this game, longest I have spent on a PS2 game. (Longest I have spent on a game was Pokemon Platinum on the DS, with clocked up of 100++ Hours. Well, that’s another matter.)

You start off as an un-named character(MC) like in most SMT games. MC here is a high school student, and just transferred into a school at a particular place called Port-Island in Japan. However, MC here is late for his designated arrival time at the school dorm. When he arrives at the train station, midnight took over and immediately all electrical appliances stop functioning and most people are turning into coffins. Yes, coffins. This hour is known as the Dark Hour, taking place right after midnight every night.

Cutscenes in this game are carried out in anime-style graphics, but the rest of the game are in 3D. Well, the graphics of course can’t match up against the FF series, but I assure you the gameplay is rock-solid, as expected from the SMT series, unlike the FF series, which are doing downhill with every game. Oh well.

The battle system is pretty simple, turn-based combat. You have a few options to select at the battle menu, Attack, Skills, items, escape, commands and the option to change personas. The MC is a unique person who is able to wield multiple personas, unlike the rest who can only control one. And I haven’t even touched on the main subject. What exactly is a persona? A persona is another side of a person’s soul, which is used to combat the game’s main enemy, the Shadows. In Persona 3, you can only take control of the MC in battle, and the rest of your party members are controlled by the AI. You can only give out commands to change your party members’ battle style. For me, I think the AI system is pretty good, however the AI screwed up sometimes, but other than the occasional slipup(which is very few), I think the AI is pretty good!

Yes, the main focus of the game is to save the world. However, this isn’t your typical save-the-world RPG game. This game is like a combination of a RPG and Sim. Yes, as you are a high school student, you have to attend school during the day. You could also build friendships with others, or Social Links, and you can even date girls! But, do not think that these relationships are just side-quests, they are an important part of the game. As your social links get stronger, when you fuse to get new personas, you will get additional power after fusing it. Your social links decide your powers. I played Persona 4 before Persona 3, and I have something to compare about the 2 games. In Persona 3, you can’t date 2 or more girls at the same time, or you will run the risk of pissing one or more girls off. Another important thing is that if you ignore your friends for too long a period, they may start to grow cold towards you and ignore you. However, they removed those things in Persona 4.

At night, during the dark hour, you will explore Tartarus, a mysterious tower where you will spend most of your time in, training and exploring. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower, in order in find out a way to get rid of the Dark Hour.

I also loved the soundtrack used in the game, and I think I preferred the soundtrack used in Persona 3 than Persona 4.

And that concludes my review of the great game. I have left out some details as I do not want to spoil all of the game’s details.

For those of you who have a PSP and have not played this game before. There’s good news for you! Persona 3 Portable (P3P)English version is releasing on 6 July this year. Holy- That’s next month! Damn, I don’t have a PSP….. It is said that the P3P has additional features like able to control each and every member in your team, and you can choose either a Male or female MC. However, it does not have the additional chapter included in Persona 3: FES.

Persona 3: FES is an expansion pack of the Persona 3. It includes new personas, new equipment, etc…. And also includes an exclusive chapter telling the events after Persona 3. I am now currently starting a New Game plus, converted from my Persona 3 save file.^^

And here I conclude my review on the game.

Well, I may be late in posting on this event, but I still went down there today and snapped quite a few pics! With my shitty handphone camera…… Pardon the quality…. If you would like to see some better quality pics, you could check them out over at Leon‘s blog and Chubbybots‘.

Well, it was a last minute decision to go down there after my project discussion at school in the morning. After the project discussion, a friend called me up to go to lan. As I had some time before meeting up with him, I decided to kill some time by going down to the event at Takashimaya.^^

Let’s start the ball rolling with my favourite entry! This is one mean looking Sinanju by Toymaker! FWS(Full weapon system) It seems it has four wing binders instead of two.


WAY about time to start on this guy. Been what? About 5-6 months since I bought this guy? Man…. Well, now’s the holidays, so maybe hopefully I will be able to finish most of my backlogs. WRONG! My holidays only last for 2 weeks, and we have tons of stuff to do…. Holidays =/= holidays…. Sad….

Well, enough ranting and get to the model itself!


HG 00 Raiser + GN Sword 3 Complete!

Posted: June 6, 2010 in WIP

Well, didn’t take any wip photos as the camera was acting weird, battery gone nuts.

So I could only take after I have finished building….

PS: Please ignore the plugs in the background, I know it’s distracting but…..


Exia Repair weathering (Drybrushing)

Posted: June 5, 2010 in WIP

This is actually something I wanted to do in a very long time. Since I done damages to my Exia, but I have not really done much weathering except those battle damages.

For those who have been following my blog, you will notice the cloak is different…..