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I wanted to review this earlier, but earlier last week, I decided to get the Auto-Vajin, so I decided to put off the review till I got these 2 together. So now I can do a review of Faiz and Auto-Vajin together! (Saving more time LOL.)

Some backstory: Faiz, also known as the rider with the loose belt. I mean, 555 is the only series that the belt passes hand multiple and countless times, the rider belt system of this series must be really loose LOL. Faiz is the gear that only Orphenochs can use. In fact, all the belts except Delta in the series can only be used by Orphenochs.(The series’ Kaijin)

But I digress….



Finally I had some free time today, so I did a review on the Wild Chalice.

I bought this figure for SGD 18, quite a good price to me. Actually, I was hunting for SIC Faiz, Blade or Ryuki, but they didn’t have them! The only SIC Kiwami Tamashii there left was the Wild Chalice, and there were a lot of them left. Why, I wonder? No one fancy a Wild Chalice?

The box. Of course I had already ripped open the wires constricting the figure prior to this review.^^