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SMT: Persona 3 (PS2) Review

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Game Reviews

If you are looking for a great RPG game that can suck up your time, look no further than Persona 3. I just completed this game earlier this noon, and now I am writing about how I feel about this game. For starters, I will have you know that this is my longest time spent on a game on the PS2!!!! I clocked up about 70++ hours on my firstrun through this game, longest I have spent on a PS2 game. (Longest I have spent on a game was Pokemon Platinum on the DS, with clocked up of 100++ Hours. Well, that’s another matter.)

You start off as an un-named character(MC) like in most SMT games. MC here is a high school student, and just transferred into a school at a particular place called Port-Island in Japan. However, MC here is late for his designated arrival time at the school dorm. When he arrives at the train station, midnight took over and immediately all electrical appliances stop functioning and most people are turning into coffins. Yes, coffins. This hour is known as the Dark Hour, taking place right after midnight every night.

Cutscenes in this game are carried out in anime-style graphics, but the rest of the game are in 3D. Well, the graphics of course can’t match up against the FF series, but I assure you the gameplay is rock-solid, as expected from the SMT series, unlike the FF series, which are doing downhill with every game. Oh well.

The battle system is pretty simple, turn-based combat. You have a few options to select at the battle menu, Attack, Skills, items, escape, commands and the option to change personas. The MC is a unique person who is able to wield multiple personas, unlike the rest who can only control one. And I haven’t even touched on the main subject. What exactly is a persona? A persona is another side of a person’s soul, which is used to combat the game’s main enemy, the Shadows. In Persona 3, you can only take control of the MC in battle, and the rest of your party members are controlled by the AI. You can only give out commands to change your party members’ battle style. For me, I think the AI system is pretty good, however the AI screwed up sometimes, but other than the occasional slipup(which is very few), I think the AI is pretty good!

Yes, the main focus of the game is to save the world. However, this isn’t your typical save-the-world RPG game. This game is like a combination of a RPG and Sim. Yes, as you are a high school student, you have to attend school during the day. You could also build friendships with others, or Social Links, and you can even date girls! But, do not think that these relationships are just side-quests, they are an important part of the game. As your social links get stronger, when you fuse to get new personas, you will get additional power after fusing it. Your social links decide your powers. I played Persona 4 before Persona 3, and I have something to compare about the 2 games. In Persona 3, you can’t date 2 or more girls at the same time, or you will run the risk of pissing one or more girls off. Another important thing is that if you ignore your friends for too long a period, they may start to grow cold towards you and ignore you. However, they removed those things in Persona 4.

At night, during the dark hour, you will explore Tartarus, a mysterious tower where you will spend most of your time in, training and exploring. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower, in order in find out a way to get rid of the Dark Hour.

I also loved the soundtrack used in the game, and I think I preferred the soundtrack used in Persona 3 than Persona 4.

And that concludes my review of the great game. I have left out some details as I do not want to spoil all of the game’s details.

For those of you who have a PSP and have not played this game before. There’s good news for you! Persona 3 Portable (P3P)English version is releasing on 6 July this year. Holy- That’s next month! Damn, I don’t have a PSP….. It is said that the P3P has additional features like able to control each and every member in your team, and you can choose either a Male or female MC. However, it does not have the additional chapter included in Persona 3: FES.

Persona 3: FES is an expansion pack of the Persona 3. It includes new personas, new equipment, etc…. And also includes an exclusive chapter telling the events after Persona 3. I am now currently starting a New Game plus, converted from my Persona 3 save file.^^

And here I conclude my review on the game.


It has been a while since I did a game review. You must be thinking why would I want to write a game review? Well, I want to share my opinions on the game, and you can decide for yourself if you should play it or not.

What I am reviewing today is Strange Journey from the Shin Megami Tensei Series. What’s Shin Megami Tensei(SMT), you may ask? It is a series of RPG games, often compared to Final Fantasy(FF)  games. However, these 2 series are completely different series, and SMT focuses on darker tones in terms of story. FF, however, focuses more on graphics, however…. SMT would lose to FF in terms of graphics. Well, each to his own.

Before I even launch into the game itself, I have to say, this is perhaps the most difficult and challenging game I ever played. All SMT games are challenging, but never have I faced such a challenging game like Strange Journey.

The story begins showing that South Pole has been overcome by some sort of black hole that is constantly enlarging and absorbing at an alarming rate. A investigation team is quickly assembled to dive into the area, named as “Schwarzwelt”, to find out what is causing the problem. You play as the main character(MC), an unnamed UN Soldier that is part of the special investigation team to provide combat assistance if needed.

The team is made up of 4 divisions, each division taking control of a vehicle that is capable of flight and the members are equipped with the latest technology, namely, the Demonica suits, which grants the wearer abilities.

Demonicas here are like iphones. You can customise it with applications to enhance it further, granting you additional abilities.

So, the team dives into the Schwarzwelt. They crash, and 3 other divisions are MIA. You wake up only to find the crew under attack by, of course, demons. It seems that demons inhabit the Schwarzwelt.

After a couple of tutorials, you are pretty much left alone. Your attacks come in the form of skills, which can be changed by the gun you equip onto the MC. The battle system is a simple turn-based form, exactly the same as the recent Persona(PSP). You input the commands, and the attacks are carried out.

In this game, demons are your weapons. You need to recruit demons and also fuse them to strengthen and get better demons. The game quickly gets very hard as your demons are constantly being outclassed by demons in other sectors. You need to constantly update your party and upgrade your skills. When you see the random encounters enemies casting higher level spells than you, it is time to upgrade your skills….

Also, another factor that makes it so hard is the lack of currency. Macca, the currency of the underworld is used as money to buy weapons, apps, etc… Healing too. Many a times when I was cash strapped and couldn’t revive my KO’ed demons or just heal them. Macca is very important here.

As you proceed to sector to sector, each sector gets even harder. Traps, hidden doors…..etc. Many a times I spent hours running around in circles, not knowing where to go. If not for walkthroughs, I would have probably have thrown my DS a couple of times. This is no joke, lol.

The soundtrack takes an interesting turn. Unlike the J-pop like soundtrack in Persona 4, the soundtrack here is creepy and dark, with chanting thrown into the surroundings. At first it may seem weird, but into the game, the soundtrack is actually pretty good in its own unique way.

This game is pretty fun if you can get over the steep difficulty, the story is packed with twists and turns. Gamers who are new to the SMT series may want to give this game a miss and opt for the MUCH easier SMT: Devil Survivor.

If you can tolerate the difficulty, you may want to give this game a try.

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Game Reviews

Yes… You did not read the title wrongly. This is Final Fantasy X, released in 2001!

The reason i am doing a review on this is because during my recent holidays, i replayed this game and still is one of my favourite games! In my opinion, i think FFX is the BEST Final Fantasy ever! I actually first played FFX god knows how many years ago…

Lets get to the game itself!

This game takes place in an alternate universe known as Spira.

You play as Tidus, a blitzball ace in his homeland. He is participating in a match with his team when his home, Zanarkand, was attacked by Sin, and transporting Tidus 1000 years into the future with Zanarkand being just ruins.

This is the sin i am talking about^^

Without giving you too much spoilers, I would like to state that the story of FFX is one of the most engrossing storyline i have ever seen in a RPG. I literally could not put down my controller because each scene will leave you wanting for more.

The graphics are very good, considering that this was a 2001 game and also can be said to have the best graphics of its time! Hell, the graphics can also surpass some of the other recent PS2 games!

Let’s talk about the battle system. The battle system is my favourite among the other FF series.

As everyone knows, FF is played by turn-by-turn. What is great about this battle system then, you may ask.
Isn’t this just regular turn-by-turn? No, on top of being turn-by-turn, FFX has an additional feature. It is the window that displays the turns. Every decision you make in battle can help increase your turns in battle or decrease the turns. From the window, you can see when the enemy’s turn is coming up next so you can plan your strategy accordingly.

When you are not in battle, you will take control of Tidus and explore around like any other RPGs.

Another great feature in FFX is the Sphere grid system. This allows you to customize your characters more freely, instead of just having fixed set of skills. For instance, you can upgrade your physical attacker into a spell caster. Instead of getting EXP from battles, you get Ap(ability points). This allows you to gain sphere levels to proceed onto the sphere grid to upgrade your character.

In summary, every FF series has a great storyline behind it. I think this serves as a great addition into the FF series. Not like *cough* FF12 *cough*. I definitely think this is a must play for any RPG and FF fan, even though this is an old game. But i assure you, you definitely will not be disappointed with this game.

Until next time!

Yo! I will be also doing game reviews on this blog, and here goes my first review!

Pokemon MD: EOS is a remake of Explorers of Darkness and Time, like there is Platinum for Diamond and Pearl, Emerald for ruby and sapphire and so on.

Let’s get to the game itself!

You start the game by going through a survey about yourself to decide what pokemon you will start of with, kinda like a starter pokemon. After which, you wake up in a beach to find yourself transformed from a human into a pokemon. Later, you meet your partner pokemon and join an exploration guild.

What is extra in this game are mainly the special episodes.
These special episodes let you take on the roles on various members of the guild to let you know more about themselves and past lives.

Meet Igglybuff, the first evolution of Wigglypuff, the Guildmaster!^^

The gameplay basically puts you and your team into exploring dungeons, and getting to the destination inside these dungeons.

That being said, what else is exceptional about this game? The storyline. The storyline is a great tale of friendship and betrayal. The previous versions, Darkness and Time, had a very touching story and since Sky is just a remake, they have the same storyline. I mainly played this game because i thought it was a sequel. But even after i found out it was just a remake, i continued playing through coz of its addicting storyline.

To summarize it all: This game is a great RPG, especially if you like the pokemon franchise like me. This game is definitely worth picking up!