National Service

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Hey guys! Been a while since I last blogged huh?

Been very busy lately, as some of you may have known by now, I just graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Accountancy & Finance in May.

What have I been up to? I am currently serving my National Service, better known as 2 years in the army haha…

I just booked out on Friday, and I am going back to the “lovely” sunny island of Pulau Tekong later this evening. 15 more weeks to POP! (POP means passing out parade, marking the end of my Basic Military Training.)

And so, I would have very limited time to blog, let alone do gunpla… See you guys around!

After a long while of cutting my gunpla purchases(Other purchases still occurred XD), I finally caved in and bought 2 kits earlier this evening!

RG Freedom and HG Zeydra!!!

I have been wanting a RG Freedom ever since it was announced, and currently, Takashimaya is having a promotion! The Freedom  effect parts promotion! I jumped at this chance almost without hesitation. (There may be other hobby shops offering effect parts as well, but I heard, some shops only provide the beams for those preorder items. So, when I saw this beam effects parts promotion….)

Why the Zeydra? Seems that Takashimaya is also having a free Action Base (ZEON) giveaway for every purchases above $50! So I just grabbed the Zeydra, to hit the $50 mark, and also to join in ZD’s Zeydra group build! Looks like I am joining in the group build afterall ahaha….

I am looking forward to working on these kits asap… But I do want to get my backlogs out of the way… I am looking to start on my RG RX78-2 to see how a RG builds like. Hopefully I will find the time haha… Supplies like cement and spray paints need to be restocked up as well….

The end of my Poly Journey

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As you all may know, I was pursuing a Diploma in Accountancy & Finance Course at Nanyang Polytechnic. (NYP)

Yesterday marked the end of my Poly Journey as we took our final paper. It was darned difficult though…

So now, I have to wait till my National Service enlistment date, and in the mean time, I do have free time. Maybe to catch up on rest and back logs. (Haha)

Those 3 years have been fun, new experiences, new friends. And now we have to bid farewell to those 3 years, to continue our journey in life.

To my fellow friends in NYP, if you are reading this, keep in contact and see you guys around!

Rider Mask Collection!

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Wow! I can’t believe how long since I last posted anything. I have just been too busy with schoolwork and internship which just ended like a month ago. I haven’t built anything yet, just… Couldn’t find time.

Of course, I made some purchases here and there, but I hooted something that was way awesome, and I wanted to share my loots with you guys! (I hope I still have some readers… LOL)

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Hey guys! And so…. As everyone should have known by now, they are announcing an all new, “kid-friendly” Gundam series called the Gundam Age!

And sorry for the lack of updates… Been so busy with schoolwork….

But! I have to do a short post on my thoughts on this new series as Sunrise already said, “A new stepping stone for Gundam.” Or something similar to that…

First up, the characters….

You have got to be kidding me…… Young kids as main characters? Definitely gonna be “kid-friendly”…. Although the last time they had a kid protagonist, people died. Lots of people died. (Gundam Victory) But, as Sunrise has already said… This is “kid-friendly”. Well, we can always hope right? 😛

Next! The MS and gadgets:

Seriously…. WHUT? Maybe my views towards the Gundam Age-1 will change after watching the anime…

WHUT? A digivice-like device? And they said the Gundam Age-1 gains experience with every battle? This isn’t some RPG game we are talking about right….

Model kits:

As we all know by now, we will see 2 new Grades entering the market. We have the AG(advanced grades) and GB(Gage-ing Builders). All of these new Grades will come with “gage-ing chips” inside the kits, that enable builders to scan their models when playing some arcade game.(GPB anyone???)

AG will be kinda like the FGs from the 00 series, and the GB will be in 1/100 scale, but GB are more like figurines, like the RD line?

Of course, we will still get HGs, MGs, and even the Mega Size!

To tell you the truth, I am actually more looking forward to see the model kits of the UE than the MS themselves. Oh come on, the aliens look cool….

Let’s wait and see…. The anime will start showing in OCT 2011.

And here’s the PV if anyone hasn’t seen it yet:

All images were taken from : Gundam Guy

Hi guys! Just a short post about me and my brother’s loots!

The First half of this post is already on my brother’s blog. The “unboxing”. Haha

Didn’t know that HLJ wraps my stuff around with a plastic wrap. First time ordering from them.


RD Alvaaron

EMSIA G3 Gundam

HCM-PRO Dynames

HCM-PRO Jagd Doga Quess Custom

Total cost: SGD 50+ Including shipping! All these items were on sale, so we just grabbed them!

Till next post!

Hey guys! As requested by Aya in my previous post, I am gonna show you the current status of my backlog!



MG Char’s Zaku Ver 2.0

MG Strike + IWSP

MG Red Frame Kai

NG Exia

HGUC Nu Gundam


HG 00 Qan[T]

RG RX-78-2

I didn’t take a pic of the RG, but well, I am listing it anyways.

Well, that’s all my backlogs. I hope there’s time to finish them all….

Hello guys! As you all know, I have been feeling burnt out from gunpla….

So I decided to revive my passion for gunplas by doing a simple snapfit!!!!

I took my time on this kit:

Just a regular snapfit. Really brings back the memories when I was just starting out. I only used scissors and nail clippers back then. I didn’t bother about the nubs, didn’t know much back then…

And talking about this kit… The arms articulation are great! The articulation can be even on par with modern HGs. And the details! Delicious details…. I will do up the detailing when I have the time in the future.

So, did I manage to re-ignite my passion? HELL YES! I am already looking forward to the next kit. But of course, I have to find time…. And I am starting my final year next week…. T_T

Change of theme

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Hey guys! I did a change in theme because I was feeling that the one old was a little dull… I am using the same theme as m brother’s blog.
Also, I included in my twitter account!

Back to slacking…..

SHF OOO Tatoba Combo Review

Posted: March 31, 2011 in SH Figuarts

Heh, finally having a 3 weeks break now, so hopefully I will have more time for this blog and more gunplas. Hehe…

But anyways, as promised, here’s another long overdue post on OOO. More long over due reviews coming in soon… 😛

First release Batch also came along with UNKH’s hand and a display stand. One of the main reasons I wanted to get this guy anyways haha…

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