S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii Faiz & Auto-Vajin Review

Posted: September 19, 2010 in S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii

I wanted to review this earlier, but earlier last week, I decided to get the Auto-Vajin, so I decided to put off the review till I got these 2 together. So now I can do a review of Faiz and Auto-Vajin together! (Saving more time LOL.)

Some backstory: Faiz, also known as the rider with the loose belt. I mean, 555 is the only series that the belt passes hand multiple and countless times, the rider belt system of this series must be really loose LOL. Faiz is the gear that only Orphenochs can use. In fact, all the belts except Delta in the series can only be used by Orphenochs.(The series’ Kaijin)

But I digress….

Hmm…. Looks like the pictures I took were too bright… Sunlight maybe?

1. Faiz

Faiz with all his accessories.

The Faiz Shot unfortunately can only be place in the waist and cannot be utilised…. Luckily, the Faiz Pointer can be used.

Faiz Pointer slotted! My one complain I have about this figurine is that Faiz left leg is pretty loose….. Tends to dangle..

As usual, a kneeling check is always necessary. Faiz doesn’t have any problems kneeling.

“Hello, yes this is Faiz speaking….” The phone on the waist can be popped out. And of course, a sitting pose is no problem to Faiz.

“Ready!” “EXCEED CHARGE” This is one dangerous pose that Takumi always does as Faiz when he’s about to take out his enemy…. DO NOT mess with Faiz when he’s doing this. Seemingly harmless, but the consequences are dire…. 😀

CRIMSON SMASH! I wonder where did they get the name from? They didn’t mention the attack’s name in the show….

Faiz phone gun mode. Again, seemingly harmless weapon can cause you a world of hurt. xD

The Faiz Edge. Faiz pulls this out of Auto-Vajin. You those handlebars? Those are the Edge’s handle. Of course, Faiz is known as the Jedi/Gundam of the Kamen Rider universe because of the lightsaber/beamsaber looking Faiz Edge. It looked more like a lightsaber/beamsaber in the show. Here, not so much.

Faiz doesn’t have to move much to look menacing. 😀

2. Auto-Vajin

And now we move on to the bike, Auto-Vajin. Comes with 2 option hands and the handlebars, step paddle(Is that what they are called?), and the stand(dunno how to call it).

Yea… That stand…. Still don’t know what it’s called….

Time to transform! “BATTLE MODE” Flip the downside up. Those are the arms.

Flip the back wheel forwards.

And finally we have the battle mode. Damn, I hate transforming…. It took me quite a while, of course, I didn’t show you all the steps, thought I might bore you to death instead. ^^

Height comparison.

The height of the Auto-Vajin makes it difficult for the short Faiz to pull out the Faiz Edge….

VEHICLE MODE. When Faiz touches the Faiz symbol on Auto-Vajin, it reverts back to bike form. ……….. Does anyone think there’s something wrong with this pic??!!

After 10 or so agonizing minutes…. We have the bike form. You guys must know how much I hate transforming model kits or figurines by now….

I wouldn’t want to see Faiz charging at me like that… Would you? ^^

And that concludes my review! For the total price of SGD 38 I paid for the both of them, 14 bucks on Faiz, 14 on auto-vajin, I would have to say I don’t regret it at all! As always, the details done on both figurines are superb, with a very nice weathered finish on both figurines. (More weathering on Auto-Vajin) Not to mention the articulation is pretty decent, if not quite good! If you got the Faiz, you should get the Auto-Vajin as well…. The playability just increases with the bike!

I would definitely recommend these 2 figurines to you kamen rider fans out there. If you like Faiz as much as me, why not consider getting it? If you can find it for sale, do not hesitate! To me, 555 has one of the best storylines in the Kamen Rider series… Also, the most hated character…. Kaixa’s main wearer, AKA Kusaka Masato. That bastard.


Ali: Even though I got beaten in the show, I must watch the movie!

Faiz: This way….. This way to the 00 movie screening…

Setsuna: Make way for the main character!

If you don’t get the joke, watch this:

I know the Faiz here in the Omake isn’t a traffic diverter(Is that what they are called?) but same concept.^^

  1. Have yet to watch Faiz. but it seems like a rather interesting series ^^ now if only they will release more SIC bikes other than faiz’s =/

  2. bd77 says:

    Faiz poking AutoVajin, nothing wrong there. XD
    (at least he’s not groping it…)

    Cool, on a bike wielding a beam/light saber. I could hear Zengar would shout…

    Zengar: Of blade and horse are one~!

  3. keionfan says:

    LoL I didnt know Faiz was base on shark ……. does that mean that apply to Kaixa & Delta lol.
    Sadly the made in china at the fleet ruin the crimson smash coolness.

  4. TwilightReap says:


  5. evolution says:

    I have to say I was fangasming at the Net Movies, watching the suit actors outside of their suits.

    BTW gotta love the KT Faiz, too bad I didn’t want to start a collection in a different scale. Will have to wait and pay a kidney for SHF Faiz. If Auto Vajin is an exclusive… ONORE BANDAIDO!

  6. Aya says:

    hmm still looking for the axel form 😦

  7. LEon says:

    Thanks for the review. Now that get me started to get auto-vajin to complete the look as i have the same faiz as you have!

  8. rockleelotus says:

    lol funny clip, i havent seen any of the decade net movies yet XD

    this duo is awesome and i dont regret buying them too but i know what you mean about transforming auto vajin… its a pain! one thing i would have loved is if they added detail to the bottom of each rider feet. would make rider kick pose just that much sweeter!

  9. Syful says:

    you call that a bike stand

  10. tsukinari says:

    I want one T_T been looking this two for ages

  11. zoidiect says:

    i can see there AutoVajin’s proportion is quite good 😀
    (sorry, now got a fetish on perfect proportions XD)

    • Marzz says:

      Now that you mention it… Yea, the proportions aren’t too bad… I only have one complaint on the auto-vajin and that’s the tedious transformation.^^

  12. John says:

    so exactly where did you buy these two?

  13. hiroy_raind says:

    don’t forget that in Kiva we had like 8 IXA user (including the spider Fangire that managed to stole it on one episode and Rook) and 3 Dark Kiva user. 🙂

  14. Shion963 says:

    I bought two KiwaDamashii Faiz, and trashed one for parts. Made a Faiz Shot hand part with thrashed Faiz’s hand. Pity the Mission Memory only comes on the phone.

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