S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii Wild Chalice Review

Posted: August 9, 2010 in S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii

Finally I had some free time today, so I did a review on the Wild Chalice.

I bought this figure for SGD 18, quite a good price to me. Actually, I was hunting for SIC Faiz, Blade or Ryuki, but they didn’t have them! The only SIC Kiwami Tamashii there left was the Wild Chalice, and there were a lot of them left. Why, I wonder? No one fancy a Wild Chalice?

The box. Of course I had already ripped open the wires constricting the figure prior to this review.^^

This is what you will get from the box.

But first, let’s take a look around the box itself….

For ages 15 & above. This toy ain’t no child’s play.^^

Check out the awesome details.^^

The green visor and the chest really gives off an undead feel. (Spoilers!)

Simple kneeling pose…. No problem.

Sitting…. No problems.

I cut out a piece of paper to use as a rouze card lol. This is when Hajime “de-henshins” into his “human” form. “SPIRIT!”

Rider kick! I didn’t have any bases that could hold the Chalice…. Anyway! Chalice didn’t have any rider kicks in the show, the closest to that would be his spinning dance attack.


And this wraps up my review on the SIC Wild Chalice. It’s a pretty great looking figure, however I heard that the articulation isn’t as good as those of SH Figuarts. Is that right?

Anyways, for SGD 18 you get this amazingly detailed figure, I say go for it. I am looking forward to the release of the SIC Kiwami Tamashii Blade king form which will be released in September. I obviously can’t afford the SIC Classics version, so I have to settle for the Tamashii versions, haha. The SIC Classics are so darn rare nowadays anyway. The ones that I am interested in anyways.

  1. Nice. Wanted to get this but decided against it after getting blade =/ hoping there’ll be a SH fiuart release of Blade King Form 😛

  2. mangyver5223 says:

    Chalice always in ‘wild’ looking 🙂

  3. rockleelotus says:

    i really like this SIC line, much more affordable and still has the nice details ^^ would be cool if they included a stand, my faiz fall over easy. waiting for Kiva, Ixa and others to be released!

    ya the articulations not as good as SHF, minor joint problems but the badass SIC design makes up for it? lol

  4. John says:

    Wild Rapist…. I failed to get this item so far…. hope I can get it next time… I love the weapons… very cool

  5. Divinelight says:

    Chalice. wel, go get garen then for completing blade line.
    yeah, its inexpensive and thats a relief

  6. Zhi Jian says:

    Waiting for Blade…

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