Robot Damashii Eva-02 The BEAST Review

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Robot Damashii

Whew! Been long time since I did a review of anything! So why not kick things back up with my newest loot, the BEAST?

This review…. Is the first one that does not involve weapons here in this blog. LOL (I think….)

Unless of course, you count that tongue as a weapon…. XD

Looks kinda weird for the BEAST to stand upright, guess the right pose should be it “crawling”. In BEAST mode, the arms are longer as well.

Despite it being such a weird and unique looking figure, the articulation is actually pretty good! Great for dynamic poses and stuff. As you can see, the arm articulation is pretty good, doesn’t disappoint at all!

Yep…… Kneeling isn’t a problem. And the fact that Bandai throws in 2 blocks of flats and 2 blocks of tower, really is nice for a diorama. Small gesture, but better than nothing. πŸ˜€

The flats and tower give off the impression just how huge an Eva is. Remember, they are like 70+ metres in height. One stomp can kill off a Gundam….. No joke.

Now, that’s one scene you don’t want to come across….. An Eva, getting ready to pounce. Not good….

The BEAST design makes it easy for it to do sit and reaches. Damn, I wish I could be as flexible as it….. I am weak in sit and reaches… T_T

I am weak at this too… But not for the BEAST.

Push-up position.

An attempt at the boxart.


– Wild articulation (Maybe I am exaggerating, but this is one of the figures which I own that has one of the best articulation)


– No weapons

– High price point (If no discount)

– Design isn’t for everyone

Conclusion: This is one really unique figure to have in your collection, as I have mentioned above, the design really isn’t for everyone, you may be put off by its design, but frankly speaking, it’s ok to me. πŸ˜€ Also, I wouldn’t have picked this up if it weren’t on sale on Hobby Search. It’s original price was 3500 yen, which translates to SGD 54.60, isn’t really a good price for this, I got mine for about SGD 30+ (including shipping). If you think the Eva-02 BEAST’s design appeals to you, go for it. Although you may want to pick it up when it’s on sale. 3500 yen isn’t cheap for something that has no weapons, or any accessories. (Other than the buildings)

So well, till next post! I think I may be starting to feel a little burnt out from blogging…. Maybe I would take a break from blogging, although I seem to have taken a one month break already… LOL

Oh btw, the above pictures were taken using my new iPhone 4. What do you guys think? So broke now…… Haha…..

  1. bd77 says:

    Yep, the articulation is pretty wild.
    More than 70m, eh? Yeah, any normal MS (Gundams included) are done for, except the ones who are in the same league, i.e, Mazinkaizer.

    For that much for that price? Ouch… >.<

    Burn out from blogging? *jots down another in a list*

  2. Aya says:

    sure it have nice paintjob compare with revoltech πŸ™‚ wish can see blood effects and congratulation for the new phone,of course the pictures better than your old cellphone’s camera

  3. evolution says:

    The buildings look kinda plain but can’t complain. Maybe the Revoltech wins in terms of accessories.

  4. zoidiect says:

    this, is the most wild and weirdest design of EVA i ever seen. weird design, hot pilot

  5. rubyvijudai says:

    Epicly fierce but how does the tongue become a weapon?

  6. John says:

    He is perfect for my porn digirama…. he can play the character – ugly serial rapist…

  7. John says:

    Since you mentioned about the great articulation, try do some of the kamasutra pose…. let the KR G3 be the female… LOL… must be cool to see them in missionary position… LOL

  8. h4mster says:

    Design is always about individual preferences..for me, i think the design is cool πŸ˜€ and he can pull some crazy move there!

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