Happy new year!!!!

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

My apologies for disappearing so long from the blogging sphere… Although I had been active in visiting blogs and commenting. XD Looking back at my last post, I have not updated my blog for a month! Mainly due to lack of time…. Or maybe I have grown lazy haha…..

As a apology for not updating my blog, I bring you a special New Year’s event! Ribbons will be hosting this event!

Ribbons: This year, I bring you straight into the heart of Marzz’s Hideout for exclusive interviews with some members… Let’s get this started!

Ribbons: This year, Marzz has already said that he would try to do more reviews, gunplas and to keep this blog updated on a regular basis. I do hope he will do so…. I see my first vict….. Erm, Interviewee!

Ribbons: What’s up bro! We share the same seiyuu! Tell me, what have you done on New Year’s eve and what are you hopes for the new year ahead?

Amuro: HEHEKEKEKEHAHAHA! For the New Year, I see myself getting into more trouble with Char because *hic* I will keep trying to mess around with Sayla. *hic* That Char will never know what hit him. *hic* I think he’s still knocked out from the amount of liquor he consumed last night.

Ribbons: What did he drink?

Amuro: HAHAHAHA. Only one glass of red wine. That noob.

Ribbons: =.=

Ribbons: Setsuna, tell us the same things as Amuro previously had talked about.

Setsuna: I spent New Year’s eve bonding with my Gundam and trying to communicate with aliens, persuading them to let us off and not to come attack us in 2012. And…… WHY AM I STILL NOT BEING REVIEWED HUH???!!!!

Ribbons: ok……… Anyways, we are enemies right, don’t attack me, watchthat blade of yours….

Setsuna: Not to worry, I won’t damage that 0 Gundam that I idolise so much.

Reborns: I too have not been reviewed either….. But! I will be reviewed in Gunpla4ever soon! HAHAHA!


Setsuna: DIE!

Ribbons: Oh sh!t

*fighting noises in the background*

Ribbons: This concludes our special New Year’s event. See you next time! *dodges stray beam*


  1. Aya says:

    Happy New Year marzz 😀

  2. rubyvijudai says:

    Happy New Year,~_~ at first Setsuna was talking about world peace then after seeing Ribbons its war XD

  3. tsukinari says:

    Happy New Year to you Marzz XD

  4. zoidiect says:

    happy new year 😀

  5. I see a Ribbons, and ANOTHER Ribbons! :O
    haha Happy New Year Marzz!

  6. rockleelotus says:

    Happy new year marzz! haha Ribbons staying pro on reporting with a battle behind him XD

  7. heathorn says:

    Happy new year Marzz!

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