Posted: October 12, 2010 in Stories

Char: Hmm……. We must devise a counterattack against those “Kamen Rider” B#$%*&DS.

Marzz: Er….. Char….. The PC isn’t on….

Char: Go and gather all mono-eyed units here! We can’t wait for those “Gundams” Units to take action, we will do it!

DT: Yes sir!

Marzz: What the- These are my brother’s!

Where are they going?

DT: This way please sir….

The gathering of Zeon/Zaft/HRL??

Char: Good! You are all assembled-……. WAIT! Where’s the Kampfer guy?

Heine: Er, sir, he went on to spy on the KR first.

Char: Ah, very good! Now let’s start on the briefing. We will attack here.

Char: And here.

Got it? Now move out!

*launching noises*

Char: Now what shall I do…. Hey! Faiz! Could you lend me your phone?

Faiz: Sure, why not?

Char: Hello, Amuro! Want to join me for a dri- WHAT THE! You are messing around with my sister AGAIN??!! *fumes*x3!!!!

*throws phone*

Faiz: Hey! That was the latest Smart Brain 4.0! Damn you!


Char: ……. I will kill every one of you KR…… And Amuro….

Faiz: Help?

  1. bd77 says:

    Oh… deeeear… The attack of the gunplas and… Faiz got trashed by Char? XD

  2. rubyvijudai says:

    Auto-Vajin didn’t even step in to help ~_~

  3. rockleelotus says:

    *cheers Amuro on* Lol

    Faiz got tossed aside so easily by Chars famous counterattack haha

  4. evolution says:

    Looks set for an epic crossover battle! And Char looks like he was NATO (no action, talk only) until the end!

  5. John says:

    Faiz….Victim of novelty I guess…. hahahaha

  6. rubyvijudai says:

    XD yeah from your review you say its a hustle to do it,I wonder will Faiz take revenge with Accel mode ^^

  7. Aya says:

    don’t reminds me guys T_T I want accel form.

  8. chubbybots says:

    Wait so he lends char the phone and then gets thrashed?? Ouch!!!

    Come on Faiz gives Char some of his own medicine 😛

  9. Xen. says:

    lol, im sure you just made a whole load of enemies with KR fans. HAHA!

  10. h4mster says:

    haha, Faiz is in the wrong place at the wrong time…he should have known not to lend his phone..

  11. LEon says:

    Poor Faiz… No Gundam to the rescue? LOL

  12. divinelight says:

    lolz, nice joke for amuro.

    and faiz, well he finally showed up in my home for about 1 week before a departure to the next owner

  13. heathorn says:

    hahahahha, amuro is messing around with sayla, ….again.. XD
    kiwami is interesing, nice sculpt and nice size!

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