HG 1/144 Astraea WIP 03

Posted: October 11, 2010 in WIP

Day 3 of the Astraea… As planned, did the legs for today. This was done earlier this noon, before meeting up with a friend, Eugene, or Xen. You can read his blog here. He wanted to buy the SHF Kabuto from an ebay seller, yes, the one whom I bought from. Apparently he has multiple….. But last minute he had an urgent meeting, so couldn’t meet us. Oh well….

Let’s get back to the main topic!

Parts for one of the leg and feets.

Did some painting here, mostly on grey. Especially on the “claws” on the feet.

More painting….

The other leg.

And Astraea is done! Ok…. Not yet…. The weapons… Hopefully can be done within one WIP post…. Haha, this kit really has too many weapons. Of course, that’s a good thing!

  1. Syful says:

    awww cute… now go blast some mech!! XD

  2. Aya says:

    looking Good 🙂 Looking forward with the weapons 😀

  3. zoidiect says:

    “building red kits makes your builds faster, 3 times!”


  4. divinelight says:

    looks good, as I thought, you will finish in 3 wip.
    next, the weapons right

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