HGUC 1/144 Zaku II F2 Review

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Gunpla Reviews

Finally, I have done my review on the HGUC Zaku II F2. I know that my review is long overdue….. About more than one month…. lol.

But anyways, here’s the review, my opinion of it!

The Zaku II F2 with all of its accessories.

Of course, for this review, I chose the “horned” commander type head! Looks better than the other options.

The hand grenade and extra machinegun round can be mounted as seen above.

Arm articulation somewhat limited thanks to the armor, but quite ok….

And of course the shield on the right arm is movable.

A FAIL attempt at a kneeling pose, thanks to the front skirt armor. They don’t move very far out….

The 2 other head pieces.

The “horny” commander type. xD

This kit uses the recent HGUCs peg-like for the weaponry and palms. Pretty good, so now the weapon is very secure.

“Lockon Stratos, sniping the targets!” Nah, who am I kidding. XD

I don’t like the leg missiles…. Darn loose. So this is the only shot you will get of it.

And the next weapon is the machinegun. Not the zakumachinegun though…

I personally feel that this weapon doesn’t seem much of an upgrade. The Zakumachinegun is much better in my opinion. For starters, the zakumachinegun has a scope. This machinegun doesn’t have a scope….

The Heat Hawk. I don’t really like it as well because…..

Of this. The axe can’t seem to stay in place….

Of course, the Axe can be mounted. But I always wonder, how does the Zaku take the axe out if it is mounted in such an awkward position? ^^

Dual wielding! But pity Bandai didn’t give 2 trigger hands….

See? *sighs*

Thrusters can be moved. A common and simple feature by now, but a good feature.^^

Comparison between the SEED version Zaku Warrior. My bro’s 2002 HGUC version of the Zaku II couldn’t make it here because of joints operation. (The leg joints broke)

Something I forgot to capture earlier, as the HGUC Zaku II F2 uses the same polycaps as those HG 00 season 2 kits, the leg mechanism is the same as HG 00, and Cherudim.


– Updated version is not the same as the previous HGUC Zaku II version. All runners are new.

– Very articulated as compared to the old version.

– More sleek looking.

– Color separation very good!


– Leg articulation somewhat limited thanks to the front skirt.

– Where’s the BAZOOKA???!!!

And with that, I conclude my review. As a conclusion, this kit is really different from the previous HGUC version. The differences may be minimal, but closer inspection shows much differences. But of course, where’s the BAZOOKA, Bandai! Haha, of course, if you area willing to overlook the absence of the bazooka, you may want to get it. For me, I really like this kit very much.

Z3: Sir, we must plot a counterattack against those so-called “Kamen Riders”.

  1. bd77 says:

    The not separated skirt armour was the deal breaker for me… But, it’s still a good kit (with all those weapons and ) such.

  2. Aya says:

    He looks great 🙂

    I wonder what you planning with those kamen riders hahahhaha

  3. eighteleven says:

    Grunt units ftw! LOL I need more grunt units in 1/100 scale >.> my MGs need some noob zakus to own

    You fooled me for a second there with the dual wielding hahaha really looked like he was holding both ;D

  4. zoidiect says:

    seriously, im lacking some monoeyes and i do found Zaku II F2 looks great..well, in past there are some of them going for 50% off, now i just need to wait for that offer~

  5. divinelight says:

    what, you got the horn too?
    niceeee I could make Char’s Zaku II then with this one.

    • Marzz says:

      Yea, they gave 3 head helmet types….
      Really, divine? They have discounts on Exia TA in Indonesia too? They don’t have here in Singapore…… Very little you see MG on sales here…

    • divinelight says:

      Yeah, I kinda hard to believe that MG is the only one got discount right after the release…

      and for the biggest discount are mostly seen for poor MG Zeong ;p

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