Gundam 00 Movie tickets get!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I went over to a Sistic agent at Junction 8 to purchase the movie tickets. SGD 12 for one, plus SGD 1 booking fee for each.

As we had 5 people, including my brother, the total price jacked up to SGD 65. Coincidentally, the third prize for today’s 4D draw was 6513. 65, the total price, 13 the price of an individual ticket…. And of course I didn’t buy the number…. ORZ

5 tickets!

Also today I went over to MKZ at Lucky Chinatown to pick up my Auto-vajin I ordered. It cost SGD24.

Fooling around with my brother. He had the idea of using his D&T(Design and technology) apron as a backdrop. Not a bad idea I must say…. This was taken with my handphone.

And this was taken using the camera of course.

CAN’T WAIT to watch the 00 movie! Although I already know the spoilers…. HEHE. All thanks to Deadpool who watched it today. Wanna know??

  1. Andrew says:

    Below 18 can see?
    If really,I would go there!

  2. tsukinari says:

    @Andrew – Its rated PG now :D, I want to see it to ORZ

    @AstrayP03 – lol

    *_* @ the tickets

  3. heathorn says:

    just got home from alliance francaise
    Newton MRT station suddenly became crowded, hahahhaah

  4. evolution says:

    Wish I could go watch! But I’ve read Deadpool’s spoilers so I guess I can wait for the DVD to be released…

  5. Aya says:

    I don’t mind spoiler since I am not fan of OO series 😀

  6. zoidiect says:

    lucky you….wished they got screening here as to wait until the subbed version to come out..

  7. Marzz says:

    @Zoidiect: For it to be online, must wait for the dvd/blu-ray rip right? Same thing….

  8. softz says:

    I’ve not heard of this Gundam OO movie…. zzzz… When is it screening and till when? I guess I need to check it out soon. Thanks for the info.

  9. Anon says:

    Is it possible to buy the tickets on the same day you want to see it at the theatre itself?

  10. You are so lucky!! The movie won’t show in our country so we have to wait for the dvd or blu-ray version to come out..

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