SH Figuarts Accel Review

Posted: September 12, 2010 in SH Figuarts

Just got back from Malacca last night and here I am already doing a review on the Accel. ^^

Well, reason being I want to get the reviews out of my way, and to continue building gunplas. My apologies for those who are looking forward to see the bootleg Hi-nu, but I want to start on my HG Cherudim with rifle bits first. Already got plans for it.^^

Anyways, let’s get to the review…. Terui isn’t happy with that incident with Decade….. 😀

Stuff you will get in the box, the Engine Blade and option hands.

A closeup on the helmet. You can see the details molded inside the face mask. Really nice…

The wheels at the feet area can be rotated.

The Engine Blade here is really beautiful….. You can see the metal pipes and stuff molded into the weapon….

The engine blade can be opened, but they didn’t give the Engine memory to slot in…. also there isn’t any space for the memory to be slotted in…. Maybe because it would be too small… Maybe we will see that in the future MG model?

Kneeling A-OK!

The acceldriver can be plucked out.


Gonna kick your ass!

Accel can grasp the brake on the handle for the Maximum Drive.


Pity I don’t have the Fangjoker to do the double maximum drive rider kick…. Maybe in the future? I hope…

Deja vu?

Overall, this is a really fun figure to play with. The detailing done are really superb and the metallic red finish really makes it stand out. I got mine for SGD 40, if you could find it at around that price range, you may consider getting.

You may even want to get it, even if you hate the overall design…. Take me for example, I didn’t like Accel’s design in the show, but the SH Figuarts version won me over. I really like the metallic red finish! 😀

Till next post!

  1. Z says:

    I heard a lot of great things about this SHF (as with any SHF actually hehe…), I’ve been tempted to pick it up every oh so often but did not because I still haven’t got myself to accept its design yet. It doesn’t look like a KR… >_>

    Great review though ^^

  2. TwilightReap says:

    Great review~
    The head looks a little off proportion especially the eyes piece~ Why did you get it man?! Kinda hard to find a SHF in singapore cept’ for retails store at retail price…
    Trying to find a S.I.C Kamen Rider FAIZ!

  3. divinelight says:

    nice review.
    the two things I get in minds whenever see him:
    1. Turn A Rider -_-‘
    2. Firefighter…

    really, I just can’t see him as a normal Kamen Rider

  4. Aya says:

    He really looks like a bike 😯

  5. rockleelotus says:

    i like the color on him too, nice paint job 😛 im surprised the Engine Blade can open, talk about awesome!

    i still dont like Accel that much, but parts of this figure is cool to me ^^

  6. John says:

    As expected, the SHF version have better details and articulation from the WFC version…. I will review the WFC version this Friday….

  7. Too bad it can’t transform into a motorcycle, looks nice though…

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