Gundam Fiesta 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Events

Whew, just came back from Compasspoint right after my last paper today….. Although I told myself not to buy anything….. I ended up buying something…. You were right, Chubbs!!! But it isn’t Gundam related….. But the same brand as some Gundams…. What the heck am I talking here? You will see…..

First, let’s begin with a FAIL pic…… It isn’t clear coz I was using my handphone to take the pics…. BUT! You can see that it is a Kyrios Gundam, but they put a caption of Arios Gundam…. LOL!

And the caption here is of a Kyrios Gundam yet this is Arios! Talk about EPIC fail!

00 Movie kits in all their glory. I was telling my friend…. 00 Quanta looks damn under-weaponized(Is there such a word?) compared to the others! Haha!

Gundam Unicorn HGUC kits.

Guan Yu on a horse…. (I forgot to take pictures of the winners of this years’ mid year competition! But it’s ok, the pics are in my previous post….)

Robot Damashii! My loot is also a Robot Damashii….. HEHE!

The GFFN Unicorn FA that David John reviewed a few days ago…. Hefty price tag of SGD 129.95! But damn good looking….

More RDs!!!! The Strike Freedom’s internal gold looks disappointing….

Gundam Hand.

I wish I can take this home….

Or this! SGD 8000… Only one… And it was stated there, SOLD OUT! Lol, someone actually bought it???

Some kits by Leon Ku… That guy’s good…. The earlier Guan Yu on the horse was also by him.

More kits by Leon Ku…..

Some kits by our favourite hobby shop, HAG.(Hobby art gallery)

AND MY LOOT: RD Eva-01. SGD 40. Couldn’t resist. 😀

And some other handouts. My brother bought the Ecopla HGUC GM and SD Devil Gundam.

Hopefully this would be an annual event, every year I will look forward to September if there is. 😀

Till next post!

  1. Deadpool. says:

    OOh, I was thinking of getting that SD Devil Gundam. Got Ecopla SD Zaku instead.

    • Marzz says:

      Nice get too I must say…. The ecopla are looking quite good despite being whole black. Gives a contrast look I think. You posting your SD Zaku?

      • Deadpool. says:

        Yup, gonna assemble it later today.

        Btw for some reason, when I loaded this page just now, Zhi Jian’s email add appeared in the comment’s email section…

  2. Marzz says:

    What? Really? I don’t see it now….

  3. Deadpool. says:

    No idea who’s that then. LOL.

  4. Jacques says:

    I was there this afternoon too. I almost gave in and bought the RG RX-78. In the end, I only bought the FW [Fusion Works] F-91 for SGD7 for research purposes 😀

  5. Aya says:

    I was hoping you get chance for BIG gachapon from there 😦 did you try that ?

  6. Syful says:

    Ah I wish I was there!!! I saw Fumoffu, was there Arbalest?

  7. divinelight says:

    lol, arios/kyrios can’t be differentiated?
    well at least harute could be differentiated easily.

  8. heathorn says:

    I just came home with the catalogue, hehehe, safe

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