Posted: August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally! After 2 weeks….. When I got home today, this was sitting on the table in the living room…..

A package from Hobby Search! My Faiz…..

My first time ordering… Is there a need for such a big box for my small package? Maybe to protect them maybe….

Faiz and Den-O! Den-O’s my brother’s. I have one question….. How do they calculate the shipping? Do they take the price of one shipping and charge that shipping price for both? Both just cost a total of SGD 28, or rather, SGD 28 was deducted from  my paypal account… Meaning each cost SGD 14. That’s even cheaper than if I were to get it in Singapore!

Also…. Something I got from Plaza Singapura today…..

My very first SH Figuarts! Kamen Rider Accel! I have to admit, when I watched Double, and this guy appeared, I thought the overall design was ridiculous. And he even is able to transform into a bike??!!! But the SH Figuarts rendition won me over….. The overall look of this figurine is amazing, I now see Accel in a different light….

On a side note, does anyone know where can I watch the final episode of Kamen Rider W? The sub is supposed to be out today, but I searched youtube, no results. Hell, I think Youtube is bent on clearing licensed stuff…. Even past episodes of W are missing…..

  1. Aya says:

    Shipping is about weight If you buy more and more item it will be cheaper for sure as long not buy something very heavy.

    Unfortunately S.H figuarts accel can’t transform :P.

    Yeah you tube do cleaning on W some of the uploader get suspended also.

    • Marzz says:

      Wait wait wait…. Shipping is about weight, buy more = cheaper? I don’t get this part…. If I buy more, wouldn’t the weight increase, thereby the shipping cost will up as well?

      Luckily Accel is unable to transform…. The bike form is so damn ridiculous lol. He has a GOD damn BIKE, so why does he even need to transform into a BIKE? ^^

      • Aya says:

        they also count the boxes and anything inside that increase the weight and the price increase every XXX gram means if you calculate the weight fit with small boxes it will turn cheaper but of course this will rarely happen if you buy many stuff. I think hobby search have the description of weight and shipping cost.
        e.g : if you buy a small pot of paint will need 300 yen for shipping but if you buy 10 maybe just need 1000 yen for shipping.

  2. Marzz says:

    Ah….. I think I get the gist of it now….

  3. It takes awhile to be subbed, no?

  4. Aya says:

    News I just watched part 3 one hour ago and now it disappear also ToT.

  5. evolution says:

    I heard that the paint on Accel’s chin can get chipped off when it rubs against the collar.

    I think the head isn’t very show-accurate, but that has been the case for pretty much every other Figuart. Argh… trying to stop myself from getting Accel…

  6. heathorn says:

    I watched the raw version on youtube yesterday
    you can wait for tv nihon subs I think.

  7. Aya says:

    Hopefully This one is working .

  8. Zhi Jian says:

    WTF!! Lucky B****** I can’t find Den-O anywhere…I wanted that!!!

  9. mangyver5223 says:

    wow…………too many loots here

  10. zoidiect says:

    SIC and SHF in 1 go!

  11. chubbybots says:

    Wah….more kamen rider !!!! Luckily i never start this line….they look really good…

  12. divinelight says:

    Faizzzz…. when will mine come…

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