PokePla – Typhlosion Set Review

Posted: August 15, 2010 in PokePla

Today I will be doing a review on a Pokepla set, something I don’t see being reviewed commonly….. Anyways! You guys must be wondering when did I get hold of this? Actually, I went to the “warehouse sales” at Funan Digital Mall today and came back with this, costing SGD 9, and Hiling Care’s Garazzo for SGD 10. But screw the Garazzo, this is more important.^^

Now see why it is labeled as a “set”?

Being a huge fan of the Pokemon Games, not the anime, especially the Gold, Sliver, Crystal series and also the remakes, Heartgold and Soulsliver, when I saw this on sale, I thought, “Why not?”

They had the Meganium, Feraligatr and Typhlosion sets on sale today. I like Typhlosion most out of the three, so I went for it!

Here’s what you get in the box:




And of course, the Mascot Pokemon, Pikachu.

Now, this kit comes along with a lot of stickers to give color to the kits. As most of the colors needed were colors I do not have, I had to use most of the stickers.

The red “holes” are stickers. These “holes”, as we all know, sprut out fire.

The eye was “panel-lined” with a panel-lining marker instead of using the sticker. This looks way better than if you were to use the sticker.

The tip of the feet painted in White with a Gundam Marker.

All stickers for Quilava was used, including the fire effect stickers. The flames come molded in clear red, which I thought was pretty nice.

Stickers here too…

If you look closely, you would see that I messed up on the ears. I forgot to paint before snapping the 2 halves together, and resulting in the black paint flowing through the seam line. Orz….

I never liked this yellow electric mouse, it is useless if you are using it in battles in the games….

And onto articulation. In this kit, only the Typhlosion is articulated.

The body can bend in this manner….. Which looks kinda weird…

The arms can’t move, only the feet.

Overall, I think this was pretty interesting, and I didn’t use the nippers to cut out the parts from the runners. I merely “plucked” the pieces off the runners and used a penknife to trim the nubs. This parts are like those of SDs, which can be plucked without nippers. These kits are aimed at kids, that explains why.

My brother told me that this kit cost about SGD 13 at Hobby Point, I think that’s too expensive for this kit though. SGD 9 is also a little expensive for this kit in my opinion. If you see this going for SGD 9 or below, you may consider getting one too. That is, of course, if you fancy Pokemon.

Till next post!

  1. Aya says:

    How many post you posted today ?? you have no different with your brother…..
    This pokepla kit are nice,still can’t find one here 😦 and I just wish they can give other ‘bonus’ than pikachu lol

  2. chubbybots says:

    Wah $9 not too bad……but i am only interested in the pikachu πŸ˜›

  3. tsukinari says:

    oooo nice pokepla!! XD

  4. Mikee says:

    I got the Feraligator set http://gunstray.blogspot.com/2010/02/pokepla-tododile-review.html.

    But The clear red on these guy is so tempting, Btw Thy’s gimick can move smoothly? mines Had a hard time doing its gimmick

  5. Donny says:

    hahas pokepla looks quite cool but always didn’t had a chance to buy it as it had to make way for gunplas. i think i’ll wait for the zoroark set then buy. πŸ˜€

  6. divinelight says:

    ah pokepla… haven’t seen one around here

  7. zoidiect says:

    pokepla πŸ˜€

    im waiting for Digipla XD

  8. heathorn says:

    waaaa, it’s so cute!
    they have psyduck?

  9. John says:

    hey, just wondering do you have any idea where i can get digimon figures?? i dont mind if they r bootlegs i just wan collect some of the figures. Pls give me some suggestions thanks!

  10. B-Mecha says:

    PokePla O.o

    In terms of form and design I think it is quite close to the official art.

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