Planning to get a PSP

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been looking for a console to replace my STOLEN DS, and I have decided not to buy another DS. After all, the New 3DS will be released next year! So I decided to hunt for a PSP. However, I could only find PSP 3000 on the market nowadays and god, they are expensive! So I turned to the forums over at SGclub to hunt for a second hand PSP FAT.

I found a guy who is willing to his to me for SGD 140. He throws in a 4GB memory card, USB cable, charger, screen protecter and a UMD. I am meeting the dude this Saturday to carry out the deal.^^ What do you guys think?

  1. Gunstray says:

    GET IT! PSP 1000 are still the best in my opinion, since there easier to hack, plus there sturdier^^

  2. depends on what u want from it. there’s a reason y they call it PSP FAT lol. if you want a cheaper psp300 just get psp2000. it’s the same stuff minus the built in microphone n some other stuff I think =/

  3. Syful says:

    Ebay!!! Ebay!!!

  4. bd77 says:

    Just avoid the PSP Go.Supa Phail.

  5. Jacques says:

    The whole package for just $140 is quite a bargain. And like what you guys has already mentioned, it’s cheaper and sturdier too 🙂

    I still remember when I sold my DS lite to Cash Converter, it only fetched a mere $100.

  6. tsukinari says:

    I’d say ninja get it.. its worth imo XD im not into console game so… yeah.. 😛

  7. chubbybots says:

    Haha I think its confirmed you will get it after seeing all the replies from you lol!!

  8. h4mster says:

    go for the PSP 1000 man, in my opinion, the upgraded feature in PSP 3000 is not contributing a great difference in gaming anyway..

  9. mangyver5223 says:

    for me PSP 1000 is better compared to PSP 3000….but make sure you check it whether still in good condition or vice versa to prevent you from get pranked by owner…. 🙂

  10. Marzz says:

    @divine: I don’t really mind the weight, just the cost.^^

  11. heathorn says:

    I buy from you, 100 okay? 😀

  12. B-Mecha says:

    Get the psp! It is a better movie player IMO although I hardly touch it thanks to lack of time…

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