HGUC 1/144 Kampfer WIP

Posted: July 3, 2010 in WIP

Suddenly felt like building, and I was in the painting mood…. So I decided to do the Kampfer……… Which has been lying unbuilt in my cupboard for close to a year!!!! (Although now my Rollout Exia 1/100 now overtakes the Kampfer as the one longest unbuilt. Since I bought them both around the same time…) And gods, this kit has LOADS of thrusters that needed to be painted in yellow. And painting yellow on a dark surface….. really is tough. The results aren’t that good, but I am satisfied with it. For now.^^

Mixed the yellow paint.

The thrusters cut out and excess cleaned after multiple coats. (God, that’s alot! And that’s not all of the thrusters…. There’s more!!)

You can see the “scars” on the runners… Haha. Those were paint tests.

The crotch part in yellow too.

Look at this part here. It is actually made up of 4 small pipes and the 3 blue parts! Talk about color separation!

Color separation here is pretty good too.^^ Considering that it was a 2008 kit, this should be expected anyways.

I think the Kampfer is really unique. How many MS do you see holding shotguns? Actually….. I think only the Kampfer uses shotguns. Even in Gundam 00, we have GN bazooka, rifle, sniper rifle, submachinegun, machinegun, etc. BUT! No GN Shotgun! Or even no sign of Beam shotguns in other centuries! But then again….. Shotguns aren’t meant for long-range….

The Kampfer fully armed and loaded. Although this isn’t as much loaded as the Astraea type-F, this is already quite impressive!

That’s a freaking long chain mine! o.0

Overall, I took about 5 hours plus to finish this kit, inclusive of the painting time and waiting to dry. I started at about 12 pm and finished at 5 plus. I must be on steriods! LOLOLOL!

  1. bd77 says:

    Steroids or RedBull. =D

    Kampfer, NOW that is a highly agile MS and it’s weapons load out is… a lot.

    As for the shotgun, the closes I can think of is the Sazabi’s beam shot-rifle. A beam weapon that can change into either selectable modes. Funny thing is, even the Nu’s beam rifle ALSO showing a shotgun pump action (like the Sazabi’s) while shooting at close range.

  2. ChrisEXE says:

    If I am not mistaken, Dinn from Seed uses shotgun right?


  3. tsukinari says:

    Kampfer!! seeing this I just realize that i haz MG Kampfer still inside the box LOL… glares waiting for me to build him ^^;;;;

  4. chubbybots says:

    Haha this is my favorite HGUC kit ^^ I got two of these in fact! Already build one a long time back.

    Those yellow parts are really a chore to paint man even with gundam marker!! But other than that, this kit is really really good πŸ˜€ Good job!

  5. heathorn says:

    Wow I see lots of weapons, this is a nice unit.
    All the yellow thrusters are turning out good bro, your effort paid off πŸ˜€

    • Marzz says:

      Haha thanks, but I still need to panel line the insides, and I have no idea how to do so. Mainly because the thrusters are quite deep….

  6. Gunstraty says:

    Lol its not a the shotgun that’s rare, its a revolver, yeah I’m probably thinking about patlabors right now^^;

  7. mangyver5223 says:

    talking about kampfer, its chain realyy long πŸ™‚

  8. divinelight says:

    Kampfer, well that makes me remember the anime with same name (and it has parody of “red is 3times faster”)

    btw is the chain also separated in colors?

  9. B-Mecha says:

    How do you paint the yellow part so well? It gives me headache just to make sure the yellow stick on the parts (especially the thrusters).

  10. yujuan says:

    wow marc!! i didnt know u have such a hidden talent ok!! ur paintwork is good and im damn impressed by the building of ‘kampfur’ which i dunno whats that. all the robots look the same to me. -.-

    oh btw, i’ve reallocated my blog πŸ™‚

  11. MaftyNavue says:

    niceeee… btw marzz, can you give me some tutorial about doing paintwork, I really want to start painting, I already asked chubbs sometimes ago, but will gladly accept your tutorial hehe…

    • Marzz says:

      Tutorial? Lol, my painting ain’t that good. But if you want some pointers…. I used Tamiya acrylics btw. Acrylics just need to use a little of thinner. Kinda like a 1:10 ratio. And also you must let the paint dry for a while after each coat. Must be reaaal dry. Hehe, hoped that helped….

  12. h4mster says:

    hmm, the HGUC looks pretty cool, I already plan to get the MG (second hand item though LoL), but after seeing this post, I think HGUC is gonna be my choice

  13. hiroy_raind says:

    This is one of the best HGUC kit out there.
    It has a lot of accessories (2 shotguns, 2 bazookas, 2 beam sabers, and THE CHAINMINE) and hand types (left trigger hand is awesome!!), but it only sells for 1800 Yen! XD

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