1/35 Vincent (Code Geass R2) Review

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Code Geass

It has been a LONG time since I did any review on any models, guess I have become lazy? ^^

Anyway, since I had some free time today, I decided to do a review on the Vincent, since I noticed it isn’t that common.

In any case, if this guy wasn’t on sale, I wouldn’t even buy it! Code geass models are way too expensive….

Anyways, this is the Vincent commander type piloted by Guiford(Or was it Gilford?) The Vincent is based on the design of the Lancelot, piloted by Suzaku in both seasons 1 and 2. The Vincent first appeared in season 2, as Rolo’s personal Knightmare Frame. It was later mass produced.(Or was it already mass produced?) Actually I was looking forward to getting Rolo’s version, but since the Vincent Commander type was the ONLY Code Geass kit on sale, why not?

What I noticed in this kit, is that it has little accessories… Way little if you compare to Gundam kits.

This here is the crotch part.

The wheels are actually movable!

Normal polycap joints… Nothing spectacular.

If you could see it, this kit is actually pretty glossy.

The arm articulation is pretty good, better than some HG kits.

The roller skates can move up when not in use.

What I like about these Code Geass kits is that Bandai actually throw in the whole cockpit! It is pretty detailed, as seen in the pic below.

They even have screens! If you could see, I actually cut out a rectangle from the sticker sheet and pasted in the top screen. However, I was lazy to do the same for the rest, haha!

Unfortunately, the seat can’t slide out like in the anime, but at least the cockpit is detailed enough. I mean, come on, you don’t get to see such details even in MGs, right?

The joints of the leg is pretty stiff, because it doesn’t utilise polycaps. It can do a decent kneeling pose, however, the articulation of the legs aren’t that good.

But the front of the foot can bend! Like in MGs.

Now we go on to the arnaments. Here’s the slash harkens, kinda like Strike Noir’s rocket anchors. But the slash harkens here are pretty disappointing, the blades are to be covered by the metallic purple sticker as seen above. Furthermore, it can’e be detached and there’s no wire given to “shoot” the blade out. This can be done by the Lancelot, however, I believe. The Lancelot kit is given wires to “shoot” the blades out.

This is called the Needle Blazer as seen in the manual. This is located at the elbows. As you can see, I have actually painted the the tip in metallic green. But I have to wonder, did the Vincent ever use this in the anime? I can’t remember…. And what does it do actually?

Remember those lance looking things in the second picture? Those things are holders for the lance Blades(Master Vibration Sword Lance type)

Or double ended Lance.

This kit is also compatible with Bandai’s action bases.

This action base here is my brother’s. Borrowed it for this post.^^

Slot in into the hole at the bottom of the cockpit and voila!

Beam Rifle borrowed from my HG Legend.

If you would have noticed by now, the grey parts of the legs were meant to be metallic purple. They did give metallic purple stickers for them, but I figured that the stickers would suck, so I left them grey as I thought it look pretty good as it is already.

Some thoughts of this kit:


– Glossy

– The parts molded in metallic purple look damn nice

– Detailed cockpit


– The actual price is too high. I bought it only because it was on sale.

– It can’t stand unless you shift the roller skates to the back on the ground to support it.

– Some parts are very fragile. I broke some and had to use cement to glue them back.

Summary: This is a pretty nice looking kit, however it is too expensive. Unless it is on sales, like it was for my case, don’t buy it. It is not worth the SGD 40+(seen in hobby point stores). I think I got a nice deal.(SGD 15)

By the way, if anyone saw Heathorn’s post on his accident regarding his Hi-Nu, some of you may have seen me talking about my broken HG Legend. Today I decided to reassemble it after leaving the cement to dry for several days.

Here’s the new joint I made and cemented.

And…. Legend is finally able to stand! I actually broke this kit long ago, and I only took it out to repair it as I was feeling confident of repairing it. And I succeeded!

And here’s a side by side comparison between the HG Legend and the Vincent to give you a look on how big or how small the Vincent actually is. Mind you, the Vincent is 1/35, while the HG Legend is 1/144.

The Vincent is 4.44 Metres and the Legend should be 18+ Metres. Knightmare Frames VS Mobile Suits. Who would win? Go figure.

Also recently, I have been poisoned by the SIC line of Kamen Rider figures. The main one that got my attention while I was researching on SIC was this one below.

The Blade King Form! I mean, look at the monster! The details….. It really gives off that Berserker vibe! So… Anyone got ideas on where to get them in Singapore? ^^ Image from : http://www.figure.fm/post/en/2934/SIC+-+Blade+King+Form.html

  1. Gunstray says:

    Nice kit,especially for a mecha that gets destroyed in first service^^;

    Ahh king blade, its pretty shameless Decade ripped your whole card system alltogether

  2. keionfan says:

    Only the slash harken on Lancelot arm can be detach and if you don’t that gimmick the part will keep falling off while the hip slash harken are like your vincent just there to look cool.

    Well for the elbow part Rolo did use it at the start of his appearance.

    But I wonder why is it overprice,the license maybe XD

  3. zoidiect says:

    Vincent 😀 apparently i like Lancelot more but i dont watch COde Geass so dont talk much XD

    so CG kits are smaller than HGs……i rather get MG at that price LOL

    so you’re about to get into SIC eh? hoho im still afraid for a figure since i cant determine its limit unlike Gunpla in which i build it myself 😀

    • Marzz says:

      But even MGs aren’t that cheap…. Unless you top up another SGD 20+^^

      Well yea, I noticed that the SIC line are pretty detailed, WAY much more detailed than other kamen rider figure lines…

      Just look at that Blade King Form!

  4. rndm says:

    Looks like the Code Geass kits, at least for this one, doesn’t seem half bad minus the price.

    And good job on your Legend, he can once again stand! ^^

    Mm, King Form, I really like that one too and the SIC version looks awesome. =D

  5. divinelight says:

    good review for Vincent.

    SIC, hm.. Blade King form seems nice but it way along September, it’s long…

    … btw, my upcoming SIC Kiwami Faiz is Singapore-release… so that means… it’s not that uncommon in Singapore right?

  6. Blade King Form is going to have another release as SIC Kiwami Tamashi, a very much smaller version of SIC but still packed with details.

    If you ever come across the SIC of King Form, do tell me… I’ve been searching for it for a long time but it seems impossible to find :S

  7. heathorn says:

    aha, glad to see your legend fixed now 😀

    as for SIC blade, kiwami is smaller and cheaper than regular SIC, but the details are just as awesome. You can give it a try.

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