Bandai Mid Year Competition!

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Events, Uncategorized

Well, I may be late in posting on this event, but I still went down there today and snapped quite a few pics! With my shitty handphone camera…… Pardon the quality…. If you would like to see some better quality pics, you could check them out over at Leon‘s blog and Chubbybots‘.

Well, it was a last minute decision to go down there after my project discussion at school in the morning. After the project discussion, a friend called me up to go to lan. As I had some time before meeting up with him, I decided to kill some time by going down to the event at Takashimaya.^^

Let’s start the ball rolling with my favourite entry! This is one mean looking Sinanju by Toymaker! FWS(Full weapon system) It seems it has four wing binders instead of two.

The Char figure is too big to pilot the Z’Gok! Haha! But a rather nice effect though.

A Rick Dias, you don’t really see it often in competitions….

A modded blue frame. I spotted Wing zero custom’s shoulder armor on it!

A modded Strike Noir with 4 wings! Is the 4 wings now in fashion?

The lone MG Goku aside from the other mechs.^^

A weathered Zaku II

Oh look! Another Sinanju!

This Acguy is really glossy.

A weathered RX-78-2.

A very nice scene with the Musha Gundam taking out 2 Zakus. The quality of my phone is really bad…..

Another Blue Frame! Is that a dumbbell he’s holding in his left arm??

A badly thrashed Zaku….. Pay your respects! xD

Another Blue Frame! Looks like Blue Frames are pretty popular contest entries!

And a glossy Sinanju. Sinanjus are pretty popular too huh?

Yet another Blue Frame….. Can you spot the Sword Striker pack?^^

A “horny” Acguy! Haha!

A lone Ingram among the various MS.

A SD diorama featuring Cyclone Joker! Lol!

Sangokuden kits with…. Is that an injection machine??

This entry is by Donny.

And I didn’t get anything there, because the sales was really disappointing…..

This is the small pile of bargain items….. The toy “R” Us sales is better……

Also, I noticed at the corner, 2 guys were busy building a MG Victory Gundam! On closer inspection, they seemed to be the staff there! I was shocked! Were they actually being paid to help build model kits for display purposes?? I want that job too!!!!! >_<

And beside them was this….. This….. JUMBO GRADE ZETA!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!

But after looking at the price…..

Holy SH!T! Even after discount, it is still SGD 400++……… I can’t possibly afford that!

And also, a funny glitch me and my friend encountered when playing L4D2 at lan….

I uploaded this video using my bro’s Youtube account.^^

  1. MaftyNavue says:

    It seems that lots of them are popular except Rick Dias.. I didn’t see it’s “clone” at your photos..

  2. daymien says:

    MG Astray and Sinanju sure are popular among competitors^^;

  3. LEon says:

    Marzz you almost took everyone of them for the photo. LOL You didn’t see the Gundam Wing HG series that was on sale there?

  4. evolution says:

    Nice photos! Looks like there aren’t any great deals; I don’t have to go there now. (Besides I’m broke heh)

  5. chubbybots says:

    Haha horny acguy šŸ˜€ Thanks for the linkback man ^^

    But i have to agree…the sales is really disappointing…

  6. h4mster says:

    Man, I envy you for the chance to see the event live…My favorite was the horny acguy

  7. zoidiect says:

    hooooo nice coverage on it ^^ uh wait, did the burning zombie tripped?? lol

  8. mangyver5223 says:

    really cool šŸ™‚

    • Marzz says:

      Yea, the entries were pretty cool. Maybe I will see mine up there in the future? Haha! But…. Rushing for a competition ain’t really my style….. prefer to take things slow and steady…. Besides, my skills ain’t at that level yet…

  9. Andrew Stump says:

    I always thought the MG RX-78-5 would make a nice custom kit. I was thinking black and red. The gatling cannon would make a nice feature. I guess I am the only one who has ever found love for this wonderful little kit.

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