Gundam Fair at Toys R US Vivocity

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized, WIP

As most of us know, now is the GSS(Great Singapore Sales), so I got information that Toys ‘R’ US at vivocity is currently having a “Gundam Fair”.

It just started yesterday, so I went down with a friend to check things out. I am currently typing this post with a cut finger, and it IS hard… How did I cut my finger? Read on….

Here’s what I got! A HG Cherudim with extra weapons! I wasn’t intendling to get one, but since it was only SGD 18.. Why not? My old Cherudim is dying anyway, lol.

Got an art knife for SGD 2 at Daiso.

And of course, they were having promotion. Every time you purchase Gundam Models, you are entitled to spend SGD 30 on this goodie bag, in which the contents are random. Of course I bought one to test my luck.

And here’s what inside my bag. HOLY SH!T!!!! ANOTHER 00!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??!!!! And an injection machine. HOW MANY 00S DO I NEED????!!!

EDIT: AND I forgot to redeem the free Gundam Unicorn mousepad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only realised it when I reached hougang. WTF!

Well anyway, I was eager to test out my new art knife so I started on the Injection machine model. So this is what ecopla looks like….

I was pretty pleased with the knife which gave me quite a clean cut^^

Until…. This happened….

A cut! Apparently, this cut was so deep that the wound would not stop bleeding until I put a plaster on. I was focusing on not getting cut and yet I still got cut, and on my first time using art knife(penknife don’t count)…. Bad luck?

Overall, I am pretty pleased with my purchase and the performance of the art knife. There were some other things that I wanted to purchase, but those would have to wait till next time.

For those of you living in Singapore, you may want to check the sales out. Take your time, the sales is until Mid July I believe.

As for the HG trans-am raiser, I am thinking of selling it. The sales that were selling the Trans-am Raiser for SGD 25, I am willing to sell it for SGD 23, 2 bucks cheaper. Interested parties may drop a comment, give me your particulars if you are interested.^^

  1. turbytoddler says:

    Awesome deal there! Is the sale at any other Toy’s R Us outlet? It would be great if Tampines have it. ^^

  2. zoidiect says:

    pretty nice cut you got there =D

    dont worry thats a proof of our hobby XD

    and yeah, another OO..great….. XD

  3. Hahaha nice! 😛 btw what’s an injection machine?

    • Marzz says:

      Hey long time no see! The machine in which they make the gunpla runners. It is 1/60 scale, first time I built a 1/60 scale, lol…

      • yeah. been rather busy, sorry >.< lol the SGD30 goodie bag seems like a pretty sweet deal! I wouldnt mind the injection kit myself 😛 It's just too bad I'm not in singapore 😦

  4. tsukinari says:

    LOL.. u really going to build 00 Army!!! Reborns must do something bout this LOL…

    haha.. nice get btw XD the injection machine is kinda interesting hm…

  5. Marzz says:

    @Astray: Yea, it is a pretty good deal, but too bad I gotten another Trans-am Raiser…..

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m will go Singapore about next next week.Gonna buy some cheap gundam at SG since now is on sales.

  7. bd77 says:

    Yet ANOTHER 00 Gundam~!

    Ouch… Deep cut is deep. I could imagine the pain (and feel it, too)…

  8. evolution says:

    Hmm I think the goodie bags are all 1/144 HG00 and the injection machine. Can’t think of anything else they would put inside 😛

    • Marzz says:

      At the promotion flyer, it was said to be randomised, either injection machine, Mgs, HGs from 00 or SD Sangokudens…..
      Don’t know if they really have MGs in some of them…..

      @rndm: The problem is, I paid 30 bucks for the goodie bag, if it was free, I wouldn’t mind, seriously.

  9. mangyver5223 says:

    for that 00, I suggest u should made custom colour

  10. Donny says:

    usually wad they have in the bag?

  11. Gunstray says:

    AS long as it aint the joint your cutting your fine, first time using mine I though Id lose my finger^^;;

    Injection Machine sweet, can it actually make 1/1500 scale gunpla?

  12. divinelight says:

    well, 1st day of hobby knife is always like that duh.

    still don’t get on injection machine.
    what it is? not a gunpla-related?

    oh yeah, another 00…. the 12th? 13th?

  13. heathorn says:

    LOL, you were to enthusiastic to use the knife XD
    how’s your finger now?

    Last saturday I went to vivo GV and my friend also told me about the 18 dollar cherudim, but then I decided not to go to toys r us, save wallet ^^

  14. Zhi Jian says:

    Hey Marzz,I am interested on your HG 00 Trans-am Raiser.My hp is 96408750^_^

  15. Zhi Jian says:

    Hell yeah sir

  16. LEon says:

    Ouch. You should use the clipper type and not this type of knife. this type of knife is for applying and cutting decal. So you think it is worth it for $30 goodies bag?

    • Marzz says:

      Nah, not really for me, because I got the HG Trans-am raiser….. Which I already HAVE!
      Unless, I got that MG of course, hehe 😀

  17. Nice 00 kits you have there, what’s an injection machine XD

  18. Vash says:

    for the secret goodie bag,. how is it done? its already packed and you just select the bag you want? or they pack it on the spot? just thinking if it is really possible to get an MG kit in the goodie bag as per their advertisement. maybe they just say can have MG but will always give only the small ones :p

    • Marzz says:

      It is already packed, you have to draw out a number after paying for the goodie bag. Then they will pass you the goodie bag with your number on it.

  19. Marzz says:

    @psycho: Lol, of course the model doesn’t work…..

  20. statwiz says:

    like what i said earlier marzz the 6th one soon 😉

  21. Vick says:


    i go vivocity buy the 30SGD goodie bag and the bag is paper de…. your with the word gunpla is those reuseable cloth type bag rite?

  22. Vick says:

    when the cloth type come out, now vivo all is the unicore de paper bag….

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