Holy Sh*t!

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Been more than a week since I last posted, only because there wasn’t anything to post…….

Haven’t been building, due to the amount of schoolwork…….. zzzzzzzz

But the main focus on my post today would be what I saw at HAG(Hobby Arts Gallery) today. I went to lan with a few friends near HAG. Of course, we visited HAG for a while.

What was so special there was that they were having sales on a couple of items! Damn it…. I could only remember a few items on sale. They are, MG Strike + IWSP going for SGD 53(WHAT?!), MG Gelgoog Ver 2.0 going for SGD 45 or  46, MG Blue Frame going for SGD 68……. There were a couple more, but I only remembered these 3….

I was deeply interested in the MG Strike + IWSP as SGD 53 was really a good price! When I asked my friend for his opinion, he said:”Don’t buy just for the sake of buying.” I don’t know……….. I feel like getting it………… 53 bucks…………………..

  1. evolution says:

    Agreed… If you buy simply because of the sale you’ll end up with a truckload of Gundams, mostof which you’ll probably not like at all. Like my huge pile of 1/144 Seed kits. :/

    Can’t wait to go there after my final exams!

  2. divinelight says:

    well, if you like it, then buy.
    at least… that’s for me.

    this month (May) really a big expense for me…
    really… a big expense… I nearly collapsed when looking at the tab… T_T

  3. Garuda says:

    Wow man thats really cheap!
    If they have crossbone i would straight away go there and buy but unfortunately i’m in Brunei haha

  4. keionfan says:

    What the heck so cheap -_- I wonder which gunpla will be next.

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