Double HG 00 WIP 02

Posted: April 18, 2010 in WIP

After the HG Masurao with not much painting or work to be done, I dive into another model that needs lot of work. 2 of them, in fact.

Starting with the most important aspects of any GUNDAM, the V-fin! ^^

Sharpened the V-fins, awaiting to be sprayed in yellow… Bandai gave some crappy yellow stickers for the V-fin, talk about lazy!

Set up for spraying.

The heads.

And that’s all for this WIP!

On a side note, school starts again tomorrow so I may not have time for gunpla as often….. ==

I thought I could clear my backlogs during the recent holidays, but seems I was wrong! But I made decent progress though 😀

Till next post!

  1. zoidiect says:

    looking nicely colored ^^

  2. Jacques says:

    hey, some progress is better than having none. keep up the good work

  3. rndm says:

    Dayum, I r defeated. You’re doing double 00 while I only did double 0. XP

    Anyways, looking great so far and I hope you can finish it before school life eats you up like me. ^^;

  4. Garuda says:

    Wah nice color hahaha ,are you using Tamiya’s spray paint or what?

  5. divinelight says:

    LOL, you made 2 00 at one time?
    that’s great. Which 00 are they?

    I finished my 00-7swords already though 😀
    but my photographs are so lousy, so I’ll try again before put a post…

  6. moemoekyun says:

    can’t wait for see the 6th HG OO ^_^

  7. h4mster says:

    double build, double the fun eh? ^^ do you plan to make it identical or is there gonna be some differences on the two 00?

  8. Marzz says:

    @Statwiz: Moe! Is that you? Lol, ok, will check it out later.

  9. Donny says:

    great work so far. hope to see it completed soon. ^^

  10. keionfan says:

    Nice paint job,hmmm dual build.

  11. heathorn says:

    nice marzz
    bandai gives crappy v fin sticker >.<

    why you have double OO?

  12. Donny says:

    bandai just want to milk money they dun care abt us.

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