Drybrushing, a first attempt.

Posted: March 31, 2010 in WIP

So, today, i decided to try out my hand at drybrushing. As usual, i used my HG zaku warrior as a testbed, because well, it was cheap! SGD 9. Haha!

The main ingredient, chrome silver!

Man, i really like how the axe turned out^6

I think i overdone the palms, though….

Well, that was ok for a first attempt, i hope…

Oh yea, if you want a guide on drybrushing, you could check out Chubbybots’ guide at the link here!

  1. zoidiect says:

    ohho~ nice results~ maybe will try some day ^^

  2. divinelight says:

    nice one.
    thinking again, kinda feel zorry for saku, he always become a testbed in many place…

  3. Zaku Warrior !!! cool… nice try… painting is something I have no interest coz I don’t want to the dirty hahahaha.. but obviously it can be usefull to make the GunPla looks better… good luck…

  4. moemoekyun says:

    hmm not learn weathering 😀

  5. TwilightReap says:

    9 SGD is not cheap! >..<
    Anyway good job on your dry brushing~ i rmr my 1st dry brushed kit! ruined.. =.=

  6. rndm says:

    Hrm, pretty nice result you got there. =D

    I should try as well if I ever can get my hand on some paints… at decent prices. *coughs*

  7. anon says:

    passing by! nice work!

  8. Garuda says:

    Nice one man hehehe
    mind if i link you?

  9. heathorn says:

    looks good marzz 😀
    usually drybrushing is for the edges

  10. keionfan says:

    Look nice and a fairly cheap scapegoat ^^

  11. chubbybots says:

    Haha thanks for the link back man 😀 Good job for a first attempt. DId you top coat prior to drybrushing? It will even out the drying brushing better 😀

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