Pokemon HeartGold AND SoulSilver!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

YES! Finally it is here! The English version of the gold and silver remakes, heartgold and soulsilver!!!!!!!!

I remember when the jap version came out last year, i couldn’t wait and played the jap version! First time i actually played and finished a jap game. I cried manly tears while i was playing it (Ok….. That’s taking it a little too far…..)

I heard that there were some anti-piracy issues with this english version similar to the previous jap version, I haven’t tried it out yet, hopefully a patch comes soon enough.

Pokemon will never end! It seems that they are going to have a fifth generation soon! Can’t wait for that either!

Looks like i will be very busy gaming…… Hehe…

EDIT: My game crashed just after 20 minutes….. Nintendo is not letting us off so easily…. Screw the anti-piracy!


  1. divinelight says:

    Do you buy them or using some emu?
    I read about these in forum, but I’m not too fond for Pokemon anymore.

    I really want to play Final Fantasy XIII, wonder if I shall sacrifice my PC for a new PS3 (with Linux)?

    • Marzz says:

      No i don’t buy them lol. I download and play in my DS lite.
      I also want to play PS3, but i don’t think i will replace my PS2 so soon…….. Well, it is your choice, PC or gaming? Which one appeals more to you?

  2. evangelisque says:

    Looking forward to it too. C: I tried out the Japanese version, but that hasn’t dented my excitement for the English games one bit.

    Wow, the anti-piracy thing gave me a LOT of grief when I was trying to get the Japanese version to work. Guess I’ll wait a bit before getting the game and the patch.

    Just a few more days to go.

  3. keionfan says:

    I would wait a few day then find one at youtube lol.

  4. moemoekyun says:

    hahah anti-piracy FTW lol

  5. chubbybots says:

    Sucks to have your game crash like that!!

  6. rndm says:

    Yay~ HG and SS are out! *is late*
    Wonder if a patch is out already… G/S/C is my most fav Pokemon game ever made and this remake will totally be jawsome to play. =D

  7. Someone says:

    That indowebster link shows M3 being able to succesfully play the game, but even after downloading the latest firmware, I still get a black screen after 10-20 minutes. So, M3 users have to wait as well for a patch.

  8. Lidia Carvey says:

    1 thing that turned me off on the first series so much was their attempt at revolution was ludicrously unorganized and felt like a last minute conclusion. It twisted out to be some sort of a suicidal charge than a long studied design.

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