HG Bushido’s Ahead Review

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Gunpla Reviews

Right, so here’s the review of the Bushido’s Ahead, and it seems someone is stealing the spotlight in this review…..hehe….

Graham isn’t going to be pleased xD

First up, here’s a phot comparing the sizes of different gunpla to give you a gauge on how small or how huge the Bushido Ahead is. Left is of course HG 00, the right is MG Exia, and center is the star of this post, Bushido’s Ahead.

The articulation of the arm, comparing with the over-powered 00.

Mr. Bushido: Scram! This is my review!

The difference in articulation is really amazing o.O

00 can do a high kick! Ahead…. well…..

At least, he can do a kneeling pose…

00’s kneeling pose is more natural though….

Bushido: ==

Setsuna: How about a breakdance?

00’s still more natural…


Bushido: I have already warned you, NOW SCRAM!!!!

*00 runs away!*

Twin katanas

The sabers can be store like this

Or put in the shield


Articulation is ok, unless you compare it to HG 00….


Beam sabers do not come in clear orange like HG Masurao

Well, this is one model that is quick to build, a decent model. But if you compare articulation with HG 00, this is likely to lose out….

And now, an reactment of Season 1 last episode is in order!

Graham:I wanted to meet you! GUNDAM!

Setsuna: What’s that?

Graham:I will avenge Howard and Daryl with this GN-Flag(Ahead)!!!!!

Setsuna: A communication? You… are the UN guy from the other day!

Graham: What? It is you, shounen!

Graham: It certainly seems that you and I and tied by destiny’s red thread! YES! A destiny of fighting me!

Graham: I finally understand! My heart was stolen by your overwhelming abilities! This feeling is truly love!

Setsuna: LOVE??!!!! (shocked)

Graham: But if you transcend love, it becomes hatr-

Setsuna: ARGH! I AM NOT GAY! I find Marina and Feldt hot :D(goes berserk)

Graham: Wait, shounen, i am not finished with my sentence yet!

Graham: Hmm, he has gone out of control, i must stop him!

Setsuna: I am going to strike you down, GAY!

Setsuna: Can’t be…. I lost???

Graham: Victory only goes to those who can keep their cool and be calm in a battle. That, is the way of the bushido.(OK. I admit, i made this up^^)

Till next post!

  1. rndm says:

    Funny battle and 00 lost! Well, it did lose against Graham in the anime as well since the TDS wasn’t perfected yet at that point of time. ^^;

  2. keionfan says:

    HeHe Setsuna is gay -_- many people will be sad if that is true.

  3. bd77 says:

    Wow… The Ahead IS big.

    Oh lol~!

    Good story set-up.


  4. heathorn says:

    LOL, very amusing review bro!
    OO keeps showing off, hahaha, must be very annoying to bushido.

  5. moemoekyun says:

    not using trans-am 😛

  6. MaftyNavue says:

    now that I look at Bushido Ahead.. it’s body is big eh?
    even bigger than 00..
    I thought he prefer the slimmer model like Flag, Masurao,etc..
    I wonder why at last he accepted ahead..

  7. rockleelotus says:

    woah he is huge! nice review.
    lol setsuna is only gay for gundam! very funny battle XD

  8. LEon says:

    Poor fella. Even with good katanan still lose.

  9. Marzz says:

    @moe: No wonder keionfan calls you oppai fan 😛

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