HG Bushido’s Ahead WIP

Posted: March 3, 2010 in WIP

So! I decided to take a break from HGUCs and get started with HG Bushido’s Ahead.

What I started off was with the “fun” part

Yes…. As you may have guessed, I started by coloring the beam katanas in clear orange, this is my first time mixing paints and actually painting a model! Well, not the entire model….

The parts needed to be painted, the Reborn’s beam saber is there because i thought to color all clear orange at once, so not wasting any paint in the future.

Awaiting dry….

Really like the clear orange glow ^^

There is still paint leftover!!! But I have no use for it, have to throw it away,…….feels quite wasteful….

And now, we begin work proper!

I didn’t want to use any stickers, but i did not have orange, so i used gold as replacement. The results are quite good though!

As we can see, the polycap in the head part is reversed, normally the polycap is put the other way around…. Interesting…

Graham: My hands! Where are my hands!

Bushido: And i am Mr. Bushido! Not Graham!

Bushido: It is completed!

Marzz: Not yet, you fool, the GN drive isn’t installed yet. GN Drives are my specialty ^^ My family made them after all!(joking!)

Whew…. I took 2 hours to complete this guy, including the paintjob on the katanas. Well, another one out of the backlog!

  1. bd77 says:

    Ohhh… Nicely the blades.

    A reverse design for the neck allows the Ahead’s head to move in a wider articulation angle.
    If not, it’ll be a major ORZ

  2. evangelisque says:

    The beam katanas turned out nice! And I think gold looks better than orange for Bushido’s Ahead. xD Nice choice of colours.

  3. zoidiect says:

    Now thats what we called as beam weapons of GN Drive Tau lol

    reversed PC for neck? hehe

  4. moemoekyun says:

    nice blade *_* but clear white stick -_-

  5. rndm says:

    That’s a lot of wasted paint there. ^^;
    At any rate, well done on the blades! =D

  6. h4mster says:

    the clear orange create a very nice effect 😀 I should get one of those LoL
    Have you try covering a surface with a silver color and then paint the clear orange on top of it? it’ll create a very shiny orange 😀

  7. tsukinari says:

    Nice one! the orange saber looks really good.. yeah.. Gold is nicer than orange XD

  8. MaftyNavue says:

    wow.. the clear orange part is better than the original..
    hmm reborn and bushido’s ahead original beam saber actually differ in color..

  9. rockleelotus says:

    very nice quick build, you are in trans am mode! love the clear orange glow on the swords! good choice passing on the stickers ^_^b

  10. wow, ur really going all out now that you have holidays eh? 😀

  11. Jacques says:

    It’s really a real pity to see the unused paint go in this manner.

    Do you have any finished paint bottles that were finished for your previous job? I used those finished paint bottle to store these left over miscellaneous colors during painting and use the glass bottle from cough syrup to keep colors like black and white

    Below is the large glass bottle that I always recylcled from, best of all it comes with a stopper too.

  12. divinelight says:

    good, another one finished.
    don’t really like Ahead because of the head part.

  13. eighteleven says:

    Oooo the beam clear orange turned out really good! Me likey that colour~ reminds me of the orange hacks sweet LOL >.>

    • Marzz says:

      Thanks! Orange hacks sweets haha! Come to think of it, it has been ages since i last ate those…. No one ever eats them nowadays anyways, haha!

  14. chubbybots says:

    Wait you got possessed by Char or something?? 2hrs only thats fast!!!

  15. keionfan says:

    WoW Ninja build and nice one too,the orange really look better then clear^_^

  16. heathorn says:

    marzz, I just realized you have an extraordinary long thumb.
    looks so slim 😀

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