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I believe most of us are aware of this.

HG Astraea????? HG Avalanche Exia????? HG 1 Gundam?????????

Like, tsukinari,
my reactions were just……….. jaw dropping……… I considered getting the Astraea and A.Exia in 1/100 the other time, but they were too expensive for me! I consider myself lucky 😀

And…… MG Wing Gundam??? My brother recently bought a MG Wing Gundam Ver.Ka….. Wonder what are the differences then?

So, what are your reactions to the new products? They also coming out HG Gundam X and HG ZZ Gundam… Those 2, not interested.^^

Also, MG Shin Musha Gundam MK.II. Luckily, i am not a fan of the shin musha designs. HAHA!

  1. bd77 says:

    There considerable difference between the Wing 01 Ver Ka and the normal Wing 01. The ver Ka uses the Wing Zero Custom’s body with a different wing design and redesigned the rifle and gives a shield.

    The HGAU GX-9900 Gundam X… Worth to get… As I missed that one out (but managed to get the Gundam X Divider).
    Imagine, an AU unit with current articulation standards… *wipes drool*

  2. moemoekyun says:

    since old HGfrom G.X,and wing already out of production it’s normal bandai re-make them with improved joint
    for astarea I feel that betrayed people that already bought the dengeki hobby -_- means that maybe we can see HG raisel or even full set of XN raiser separately and coloured

  3. Jacques says:

    The release is definitely very tempting. If this keeps up, I reckon all our wishlists might be completed by end of year. Seeing avalanche exia in HG 1/144 was a surprise, i would not be surprise if Bandai were to release all the MSV(Cherudim SAGA, etc) in 00. If this is true, I would probbly be regretting for setting for Cherudim. :s And SD-infinity series looks very promising, but it seems its price range might be similar to SDX. If I had the cash, I would definitely get most of them.

  4. zoidiect says:


    okay then………..

    GX, AV/Astraea, OO Quanta…


    this gonna be a long year ^^

  5. keionfan says:

    Well for me,it didn’t really effected me that much,but great for those fan who want it ^_^

  6. MaftyNavue says:

    The release are very tempting.. but I’m not into HG so presumably I only see the MG..

    MG Wing.. Awesome design.. simple yet very detailed.. but no, I’m not gonna buy him.. Wing Zero Endless waltz is far superior if you want to put him at display case..

    MG Musha Gundam MKII, actually I’m a fan of musha series.. fortunately I didn’t buy the 1st musha, so I prefer this time to fulfill my wish list.. A Crossbone ehehe..

  7. ren says:

    yes.. im deeply poisoned.. by MKII musha kit. even tho i din get the first musha RX-78.. its making me rethink my wishlist!! ahh.. and if its gonna come with its own display set like the first musha.. i’ll be dead. XD lolx

  8. rockleelotus says:

    until i saw this post, i was only aware of the MG wing lol talk about a late release XD i consider myself lucky as im not tempted by these. but there is only going to be more and more releases this year!

  9. h4mster says:

    I kinda interested with Shin Musha Mk.II :D, but i don’t know, MG seems to big for my space..

  10. divinelight says:

    nearly buy Hongli Ava Exia, but if Bandai release the 1/144, I’ll be gladly to buy this. then it’s for the next purchase, along with 1 Gundam maybe.

  11. heathorn says:

    I am happy! Will get god, and later master for sure 😀

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