MG RX-78-2 Ver. O.Y.W Get!!!

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yo guys! I just got my first loot for the new year!

No, it is not a nendoroid!! Muahaha!

I am still loyal to my gunplas, maybe you guys could try to poison me with mecha figures, i will be easily poisoned… (hint hint!)

Anyways, i ordered this kit from gunplasg.

I got this for SGD49, and i must say the service is not bad. The other day i called him to ask about some enquiries about paying for the kit, he was quite helpful! And the prices are not bad…

I got this kit last night, and delivery is free, cash on delivery. I also preordered MG Red Frame from him, the price is SGD72, but you need to require to pay half the amount. SGD 36 that is…

I also ordered some gunpla from another seller, Bryan last year, and the kits are to be delivered somewhere around this month… No signs of any nendoroids there^^

  1. Andrew says:

    So you had get your MG RX-78-2 OYW…
    I also finding this~But Still…can’t find it…zzz
    $49 quite reasonble price…
    btw wat u had order from Bryan?

  2. Marzz says:

    MG Nu gundam? U might as well get the hguc version? The mg is already very old…

  3. bd77 says:

    A handsome kit, the OYW ver. Subtle differences from the Ver Ka.

  4. Arein says:

    Good choice, am also eyeing this guy for my RX-78-2 MG.. ;D

  5. moemoekyun says:

    @andrew bandai always produce gunpla no gunpla discontinued
    marzz you ordered so much how many gundam in your backlog ??

  6. heathorn says:

    wow, SGD49. And red frame for SGD72!
    So tempted to buy šŸ˜€

    Is this an online store? Or I can go visit the store also?

  7. rockleelotus says:

    very nice! i wanted this one too but opted for the cheaper yet still nicely detailed HGUC 30th anni ver. now you can join out RX78 group build! …but i wonder if it will ever get started LOL ^^;;

  8. evangelisque says:

    I remember seeing this while browsing through! I thought of getting it but I’ve decided to hold out for a ver2.0 later.

    Looking forward to the WIP! And Red Frame looks promising, and this is coming from someone who wasn’t initially impressed. xD

    • Marzz says:

      The ver.2.0 is more expensive than the OYW version… I actually asked gunplasg about it, he said he would sell it for SGD 61? You need to call him to order kits that are not in his website, or email also can^^

      • evangelisque says:

        Woah, he has kits not listed on the website? I think I might drop him an email about ver 2.0 when I have more money. :B Thanks for the heads up!!

  9. divinelight says:

    You got red frame or red frame Kai (5250Y)?
    Is this store a local Store in Singapore?

  10. Marzz says:

    @evangelisque: You nid to transfer a 50% deposit to his bank account for him to order the kit for you though.

  11. tsukinari says:

    Nice get!!.. XD

    I havent bought any UC Gundam tho… only Zeon MS (Kampfer)…

    Maybe I picked some from UC line šŸ˜€ *cough* Z*** Gundam *cough*

  12. Marzz says:

    @divinelight: I am also getting the 00 7 swords as well^^ Hope can get enough $$ by then…

    @tsukinari: UC gundams, first one i got was the HGUC Rx-78-2 Ver. 30 th anni. After that, there was no turning back, especially after i watched a few UC series ^^
    Is that a hint? MG Z gundam??

  13. Marzz says:

    @heathorn: No worries, it is cash on delivery^^

  14. Jacques says:

    Good choice, the OYW is highly recommended and kinda hard to find. Found it during my trip to taiwan but gave up the idea as my luggage was full, eventually managed to get it over the net.

    Btw, is it possible to order kits that are now available in the catalog from ? I’m looking for GM Command & HG Masaruo to try them out for some conversion experiment. I found amiami having them for $8 and $11 respectively, so I was wondering if I could get a price as competitive as amiami locally.

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