HG 1/144 Zaku Warrior Completed!!

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Gunpla Reviews

So after a few hours on gaming with my PS2, i decided to get on with my Zaku. What game you might ask? I have been playing Digital Devil saga recently! This game is highly addictive, but we will touch on that later……….

Now i present to you, the zaku!!


I decided to try out Heathorn’s 2B pencil trick, and i was quite satisfied with the results! And, i forgot to take any pics of my WIP…….. Sorry……

I didn’t have any pink, so i painted the axe with sliver pilot marker, it looks more metallic to me.

I borrowed my bro’ tamiya sliver spray can and sprayed the pipes unevenly to give off that worn off look.

In case you are wondering where is the beam rifle, I didn’t bother with it…. I didn’t really like the beam rifle design, and preferred the original zaku’s rifle…..

Somehow this zaku reminds me of the zaku that Bernie from war in the pocket was piloting…. He too used only a heat hawk to chiong (rush) at the Alex Gundam….. Quite stupid, but he put up quite a good fight, and died tragically….. Very sad, that show……

This also explains why Zeon lost the battle at A Boa Qu(???Not sure of the spelling), their weapons have too short range! The federation’s GM had beam sabers….. Beam sabers VS heat hawks…… Of course beam sabers would win……… Coz of the longer reach…… Zeon engineers better buck up if they want to win more…. XD Of course….. This also applies to ZAFT……

The back

I also painted the leg thrusters with Gold gundam marker.

And thus, that concludes my post……

While uploading the pics for this post, i was also watching Darker than Black 2nd season, i was shocked to know that this episode was the LAST freaking episode??? Just 12 episodes?? WTF??? Maybe the creators didn’t want to have a bad influence on the public by reducing the number of episodes, the main character, Hei is a lolicon! XD

  1. bd77 says:

    Bernie was piloting the Zaku II FZ, very limited production as it Zeon only attempt (as they lost the war at A Bao A Qu) in standardising components between MS.

    This has no backpack or things? Looks very plain. But nice touch on the beam tomahawk or should I say, the iron tomahawk. πŸ˜€

  2. heathorn says:

    Congrats for finishing the zaku. I’m glad the 2B comes in handy ^^
    Though I think the weathering is a little bit too subtle, while at certain places the pencil stroke is too visible πŸ™‚

    …hei is lolicon…LOL
    I think they will release a season 3. This is not an ending that will make the fans satisfied. They even show us inspector Kirihara got more sexier with her new hairstyle and clothing.

  3. rockleelotus says:

    in what series does this Zaku appear? i agree with heathorn about the subtle weathering. its your preference though, i always like to add a lot on my kits lol XD

    wut, hei is lolicon? haha i stopped watching DTB2 after a few eps, is it good enough that i should go back and finish it?

  4. chubbybots says:

    i did gundam seed destiny and I found the first half quite okay but when they decide to resurrect Kira…that was quite a turned off…but its good to know new female characters!

    Haha just try out more weathering next time. Can’t really see it from the pictures ^^ But to each his own and do whatever fancies ya πŸ˜€

  5. Marzz says:

    Weathering really is a lot of work! I dun think i will attempt anymore weathering for the time being…… Yet…. Until i find somemore cheap kits, that is….

  6. divinelight says:

    Zaku is the same from the first Gundam, I guess Zaku is the truly mascot of Gundam series.

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