Day out to taka and lan + loot yet again…..

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yo! I am back for another round of posting……….and poisoning, hehehehe!

Go on, read on……….. You know you want to……… kekekeke!

So i went to Dhoby Ghaut area to play lan with my secondary school friends(Daryl and KB), along with my bro and Zhi Jian. Before we went to lan however, we went to taka first! What’s there u ask? Gunpla sales of course!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that everytime i go to taka’s sales, i will not leave empty-handed XD.

Before we get to the loot, let me tell u about my day……….

We went to play lan, of course L4D2! We played versus mode and scavenge mode. One word: Jockey is VERY VERY scary! At times weak, but most of the time Jockey can be really really dangerous! I enjoyed using jockey as i succeeded in pulling away a survivor from the group several times to a corner and watch his health drop with glee… I must sound like some sicko, lol! However, i did not like using the charger and spitter. Charger’s attacks are very to aim, and i constantly find myself ramming into the wall. Spitter as well. Her acid attacks kept missing, as least for me……..

And we finally tried scavenge mode which is a mini version of versus, where survivors try to fill in as many gas cans as possible into a place. I found this pretty challenging and good if you require a quick match with friends.

And now, my loot!

Yes……. The HGUC Re-GZ, i have been eyeing this for a very long time now, they still have a lot of these left. SGD30!

But my secondary friends(Daryl, KB and Alvin) bought this for me as a late birthday present, thanks guys! They actually shared the cost! And Alvin is away in Indonesia, so when he gets back, he will fork out 10 bucks, haha!

And this………. is another one i bought for myself!

HCM PRO eva-00!!!!!!!!!! For only SGD 25!!!!!!!! Is it poison enough?? XD

Look! There is a hangar for eva-00!

It also has the entry plug system featured in it!

So are you poisoned yet? XD

Don’t worry, they still have tons left……. But the sales end on 27 dec, haha!

Finally Eva-01 has someone other than gunpla to accompany him! haha!

Get them while they are there, especially ren and chubbybots, haha!

  1. ren says:

    omg. i jus back back from taka. and i din see any left.. but we were very tempted by HCM Pro Char’s Zaku II at the fair.. you got it at the toy sections is it? we din go up.. jus quickly browsed thru the gundam section of the fair.. =)

  2. chubbybots says:

    Argh…whats with all this poison!!!!

    Lol luckily I didn’t start with revoltech or else I’ll be buying the same thing as you already!!

    The Regz is a very nice kit by the way 😀

  3. evolution says:

    That’s a HCM-Pro Eva 00 you have there right? Is it similar in size to the Revoltech ones? Or smaller?

  4. bd77 says:

    The HGUC ReGZ is good kit. It has a good solid feel and quite flexible. The modern HGUC is more like a mini-MG kit. 😀

    • Marzz says:

      Yea, I was very impressed with the HGUC line, so after i got my first HGUC(RX-78-2 Ver. 30th anniversary), There’s no turning back for me…….

  5. moemoekyun says:

    hcm pro eva 00 the only think is good is the at field and the eva deploy base

  6. Marzz says:

    @ moemoekyun: If they have it on sales, i might be tempted to get one!

  7. rockleelotus says:

    i played L4D2 a little but not online, and i hate jockeys XD very scary.
    nice gets! wow Eva plug system functions? awesome detail ^^

  8. B-Mecha says:

    😀 nice! Do they have discount for SDX or SD Gundam?

  9. moemoekyun says:

    haha you failed marzz chubby get 4 people poisoned already and you = zero
    looks like tsukinari and bd77 will get first nendo within 2 months
    ps try buy a nendo(even the small one(petit)) and you will change your mind forever XD

  10. Marzz says:

    I will…. PERSERVE!!!!!!! Lol

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