Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky (NDS)

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Game Reviews

Yo! I will be also doing game reviews on this blog, and here goes my first review!

Pokemon MD: EOS is a remake of Explorers of Darkness and Time, like there is Platinum for Diamond and Pearl, Emerald for ruby and sapphire and so on.

Let’s get to the game itself!

You start the game by going through a survey about yourself to decide what pokemon you will start of with, kinda like a starter pokemon. After which, you wake up in a beach to find yourself transformed from a human into a pokemon. Later, you meet your partner pokemon and join an exploration guild.

What is extra in this game are mainly the special episodes.
These special episodes let you take on the roles on various members of the guild to let you know more about themselves and past lives.

Meet Igglybuff, the first evolution of Wigglypuff, the Guildmaster!^^

The gameplay basically puts you and your team into exploring dungeons, and getting to the destination inside these dungeons.

That being said, what else is exceptional about this game? The storyline. The storyline is a great tale of friendship and betrayal. The previous versions, Darkness and Time, had a very touching story and since Sky is just a remake, they have the same storyline. I mainly played this game because i thought it was a sequel. But even after i found out it was just a remake, i continued playing through coz of its addicting storyline.

To summarize it all: This game is a great RPG, especially if you like the pokemon franchise like me. This game is definitely worth picking up!

  1. moemoekyun says:

    already 5 years since last time play pokemon on game boy color ^^;
    kinda nostalgic for me !

  2. Marzz says:

    You could continue playing. Ever since i played Pokemon Yellow on my Game Boy, there is no turning back! I have played every generations since the first. I guess i am a die-hard Pokemon fan eh? Haha! 😀

  3. Marzz says:

    This series of Pokemon is not like the main series. It is kind of more like a dungeon crawling genre… ENDless amount of dungeons to explore… But it is a decent RPG.

  4. chubbybots says:

    The only pokemon I could identify was pikachu!!! I have never played pokemon games before though. However Bandai just released a series of gunpla based on Pokemon ^^ Might buy a few a try out lol!

  5. Marzz says:

    Haha! Yea, you should go get some pokepla and show us!

  6. evangelisque says:

    Hi, I found my way here via chubbybots’ links. XD

    But, awesome, you got Riolu!! I want to play as Riolu too. I’ve played Time, and I loved the storyline, plus Sky comes with a whole slew of new Pokemon, especially most of Sinnoh’s Legendaries. XD Don’t know if I’ll get this game [no money, and I lose interest in games too quickly to justify buying them ):], but I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying it.

  7. Marzz says:

    Actually, that was not my gameplay pic, i just found it on the internet. But i was chosen as a riolu however 😀 Since i could not take any pics while playing, i decided to find one that is close to mine (hence a riolu :D)

    As for buying games… Well… This is not very convenient to talk about here! haha…

  8. Shion says:

    A Riolu?! You could play as a Riolu?! Awesome.

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